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More examples

TE Dawson Knox 6'4 257 pounds vs CB John Franklin 6'1 186 pounds. How can these small CB tackle these big strong fast TE all by themselves consistently in Madden 20. It would be okay if Franklin cut his legs. But to take him down this easy is ridiculous.


  • Pick 1 - Throwing to my underneath WR

    pick 2 - The CB comes off his man running a vertical route with his back turned to make a play on the ball

    pick 3 - The ball was picked off by the underneath DB because of poor ball trajectory. But if it wasn't the psychic DB would have made a play on the ball. EA this needs to be fixed immediately.
  • ericedub
    143 posts Member
    edited January 2020
    pick 1 - Throwing to my TE Dawson Knox who clearly has the safety beat by a few yards. Lets not forget QB Josh Allen is 6'5 with 99 throwing power

    pick 2 - Using turbo the user defender goes sideways to the left

    pick 3 - Still on turbo the user swerves to the right

    Pick 4 - Even though the pass was lofted and supposed to go ahead of Knox and he could run it down the safety intercepts the pass. Trajectory doesn't work correctly, ball speed is to slow and the defense has no true step and is able to run faster then the offense using turbo.
  • ericedub
    143 posts Member
    edited January 2020
    The defense was blitzing all game. The CB was covering WR Julio Jones in man coverage. I throw a corner route to my underneath WR but of course psychic DB kicks in. The CB comes off of Julio not even knowing or seeing the ball was thrown. And of course the CB intercepts the pass and walks in for an easy touchdown. Psychic DB and safety & LB user lurking has really ruined the passing game.
  • A lot of these have been around since the very first season. It’s unfortunate, but EA is not likely going to fix any of these any time soon. I had a 350lb DT almost sack the QB, then spin (on a dime) and beat the ball to the receiver 15yds downfield, jumped up and picked it off (not ever turning around... just jumping up and putting his hands up), land and spin (on a dime) and outrun the entire offense 45yds for a TD. This game could be so good... but it’s not a priority for their teams to fix (or they just don’t know how). We take what we get and enjoy it a bit.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Do you have any video clips, @ericedub. I understand this area of the game is where a lot of your feedback comes from, I'm sorry it's frustrating you. I'll see what I can do to push feedback from the community up the chain so the team is aware of examples like this. They're always making improvements to coverage, blitzes, etc., no word on whether there are specific changes surrounding the DBs at the moment. Stay tuned for the January update details.

    With video clips I wouldn't mind tossing in some recommended plays that can help avoid turnovers if that's something you're down with. The community here is awesome at analyzing videos.

    Thanks for the post.
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