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Sacks & IDing the mic

Huge problem in this game, made worse by no xfactor oline man.

What might make it better? Fixing how much of a pain it is to id the mike. It jumps over & around the player you try to id & takes at least 10 seconds of clock. Precious time when there’s hot routes & other adjustments needed to be made


  • The o-line blocking is atrocious and so is the RB help pickup blocks. They don't block defenders right there in front of them. they let defenders pass and just sit there like they are dumb. EA needs to revamp the o-line play as well as the passing from the ground up. Get rid of the animations and give the offense user control back. Defense has user control but no true step and the turbo is faster which makes no sense at all. EA start by getting rid of the Frostbite engine!
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