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Frachise is why I buy Madden NFL, BUT...

It seems such a shame that EA doesn't want to put any effort into the Franchise mode. That's the core of the game. Playing your favorite team through a season, for me is what makes it fun and exciting. If I wanted a soap opera I can play Red Dead or the like.

There really needs to be a concerted effort on the part of EA to put some more realism into the game.
These are my suggestions. I'm sure I'm repeating others requests but I feel they would help the game.


We use to be able to chose the weather for a game. That needs to return and it needs to be more realistic. Sometimes heavy, sometime lite, and sometimes intermittent. Have these conditions affect game play as well. You could even tie the game weather into the actual weather of that game in real life. If it was snowing in Boston for game 8 of the season in the real world then when I get to game 8 have it snowing in my game.


The crowd needs to be more diverse. This includes clothing, responses to the game action, Young and old, and varying attendance based on a teams season record. There should be at least 50 different individuals and then randomly dispersed throughout the stadium making sure no two are any closer to each other than 10 people. More realistic crowd responses and booing if needed.


These REALLY need to be varied. I'm so tire of the same cut scenes. All you would have to do here is bring in the cuts scenes from previous versions and you'd easily have 50 different ones....It would then make each season game seem like a different game than the one before instead of rinse and repeat for each game as we play through a season.


Sideline players. They need to actually look at the ball. There needs to be a much greater diversity in response to game play. I've had 10 players do the exact same thing on the sideline...really takes away from the realism and enjoyment of the game.


Needs to be an easier way to put subs into a game and to keep current rosters up to date. I play the Texans and still have Clowney on my team although he was traded to the Seahawks. Watt was still in the lineup even though he was out for half the season in the real world. And even when I put them lower on the lineup for their position they still somehow manage to get in the game. Lamar Miller is still my running back although in real life he's out for the season. additionally, none of the new acquisitions for the Texans were ever added to the team this season.


Seems to me it wouldn't be to much of a stretch to include a realistic halftime show. The game is able to play highlight replays of the game I'm currently playing so why not use the generated AI scores to generate some AI highlight reels of those games that could be played during my games halftime show with commentary about the standings and such.


I'm not sure what the heck is going on with the games AI on blocking but sometimes a lineman just lets someone through without any effort to block. This also applies to downfield blocking.


more realistic controversial call and score reviews. Many times the replay shows a blatant score or penalty but the AI rules the opposite


As strange as it sounds i wouldn't mind seeing actual commercials to give the game a more realistic feel . This could also help with development costs . past versions had snickers and Gatorade quasi-ads between quarters but full blown commercials would be cool, at least to me.


Have the screens in the various stadium function like they do in the actual stadiums...showing instant replays to the crowd and a more varied crowd requests and stadium specific.....

all in all i just want a realistic game and not a soap opera to play.


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  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hey, @currysteph

    Thank you for breaking everything down by category, this was a very well written post. Agree with you on a lot of these points here. In terms of weather, it would be awesome to see the blizzard type of snow return again. However for online, I'm not sure if that would be fair for both teams. If the weather is in game, surely you would want to have it make an actual impact on a player's performance so it could favor certain teams. Then again, maybe there can be an option to queue up for weather or weather disabled, but that would split up matchmaking which in turn could make the wait time longer (maybe).

    As for the roster, I don't think you have the latest content update. Clowney is no longer on the Texans this was brought up a while ago in a post I responded to. You'll need to go to Settings from the main menu and download Live Content at the bottom. That should fix it for you.

    There's a lot of big franchise fans in these forums that share the same sentiment as you. I'll definitely be bookmarking this post as a reference to see if we can get some others to chime in with their thoughts. These without a doubt would make franchise more enhanced, it comes down to whether it can be possible and executed in the future. Sometimes, features like this aren't ignored but might have to be implemented in a future Madden.

    The commercial idea actually sounds interesting but I have a feeling there will be a split opinion on that. It can add some realism to the game as if you're watching a real life NFL game, but there are also players that don't want to see advertisements in their games. I never minded the short Snickers promotion they did when the game starts up though. It was quick enough to not take away the immersion of the game.
  • I agree about the players on the sideline, they look disfigured, and nothing like their actual selfs and when they cheer the do the same thing in unison.

    As for realism, how about a halftime show with highlights from the game and a weekly wrap show, showing your highlights and even highlights from cpu vs cpu games! If ESPN 2k5 can do it than EA should be able to implement this into a game made in 2019/2020... and I know for a fact the community would love that idea. There’s a reason 2k5 is a cult classic and a big reason is the Chris Berman highlights Show.

    As for weather, I feel you should be able to pick the weather or have it randomized. I play Live franchise so I could look at the forecast and have a pretty good idea what the weather would actually be! Talk about realism! But if you want random weather, just select random! I have a ton of ideas, I think EA should start an official thread so we know they’re taking it seriously. I know MUT generates the most money but the franchise community is the most loyal base despite being disappointed for a little more than half a decade with the lack of attention the game mode has received. Be honest it’s fell off since MUT was introduced.
  • @currysteph Lead Blocking as well is horrendous! Whether it’s a HB screen or a simple FB as the lead blocker, they often times run right by potential tackles and often times never touch anyone. The user should be able to Assign blocking assignments pre snap so it’d work better. O-Line / D-Line interactions need change dramatically anyways, LBs and DLs get sucked into blocked even when they have the edge, that’s not simulation football... truthfully EA needs to consider overhauling the gameplay from top to bottom, there’s just too many legacy issues they must feel aren’t important.
  • AI roster management needs improve in franchise! Cincinnati has the #1 pick and they’ll surely draft Joe Burrow and Andy Dalton would save them 19 million in cap space if they outright cut which they more than likely will do but nope, not in Madden and this goes for several teams in the same situation, after free agency and the draft you can’t even trade with most teams because they are over the cap limit without making any offseason moves... why? Because they don’t cut players to save cap space!
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