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EA has broken the NFL Draft

After the latest update if you start a new franchise in the divisional round you get nothing but issues in the NFL draft. The draft order is all out of order. Players show up as undefined after being drafted and if you sim to your pick it will sometimes sim past your pick and will say you are on the clock but not actually allow you to draft a player. It mostly happens in the first round but will happen randomly through the draft.


  • koolkev258
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    If you haven't found out by now for the past 4 weekly updates for the "use real-life roster" franchise mode the draft order has been all types of wrong. The Bengals have the 3rd pick even though they have the worst record, the dolphins have the 1st pick even though they actually have the 5th pick, and the Bills have the 5th pick WTH THEY WERE IN THE PLAYOFFS. WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING AT EA.

    [Removed - CM]. Really EA you can't even get something as simple as the draft order right. It takes anyone with access to the internet to google "2020 NFL Draft Order". WHY WHY WHY is it such a struggle for you to get anything about his game right and working, even the easy things. How much work and dev time does it take to make sure the draft order is right in franchise.

    I wanted to do a Bengels franchise but I can't draft Joe Burrow like they are in real life because the Dolphins have the 1st pick. So now I have to manually trade every single pick to make sure the entire draft order is right. I am seriously sick and tired of the constant disappointment with this game. The NFL season isn't even over yet and people are already talking about what madden needs to fix with Madden 21 because no one thinks you are capable of fixing anything in the current game.

    And where are the compensatory picks at? EA does know that there are more than 224 draft picks in the NFL draft right with compensatory picks right? There can be up to 256 picks. Just last year there were 254 picks in total because of compensatory picks. So just compared to last year there were 30 picks that don't exist. It's not like these picks have no value. Marlon Mack, Blake Martinez, Kyle Juszczyk, James Conner, Mike Danials, and Dak Prescott were all picked with compensatory picks. These are staters, all-pros, pro-bowlers, and record breaks at their position. ADD COMPENSATORY PICKS

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  • They do this every year! It happened last year as well, wouldn’t be surprised if they do it on purpose due to the custom draft classes, now that the draft has actual college players they are probably worried about the next title only being a glorified roster update.
  • @EA_Blueberry care to comment? Because this happened to me last year and it’s happening again this, kinda odd and more than one person has complained of this as well
  • @koolkev258 if they don’t respond I almost guarantee that is the case that they are mixing the picks around on purpose because this happened last year the Rams were in the SB and somehow had the 4th pick in my league and no trades were made but don’t let them off the hook, I promise I’ll keep nagging them about if you do because it shouldn’t be this way and we have to hold them accountable.
  • Is your draft order being scrambled as well?
  • @Topgamer87 Yeah the draft order is all scrambled now.
  • @Ketz120 its not fair and this happened last year as well. They need to make the right!
  • @Topgamer87 Yep they tend to break Franchise mode every year somehow but if it’s like the other issues in the game they will be in no rush to fix it.
  • @Ketz120 i don’t think it’s a matter of fix, this happened to the draft last year as well in Madden 19, it’s either a legacy issue which wouldn’t surprise if it was and they just didn’t fix it or every year at playoff time they scramble the draft order to make the game less replay able and increase the incentive to buy the next installment. What a coincidence this starts happening as soon as we they add custom draft classes with real college player names.
  • We are on our second season and it wont let me download a new class from the shared drive. It just is keeping it the exact draft class as I downloaded last year.
  • @EA_Blueberry @EA_Roger I know your aren’t supposed to tag more than one moderator but I think EA really needs to address this issue, this is the second year in a row this has happened, either it wasn’t fixed or it isn’t a mistake and more of a way to incentivize buying the next title. Please tell me I’m wrong but there is no doubt something fishy about this. For example the Rams were in the SB last year but had the 4th overall pick w/o trading up... there’s already been a few reports on this forum of scrambled draft orders that don’t resemble the results of the actual NFL season. Please respond and resolve!
  • @EA_Blueberry can we please get a response? This can’t be a coincidence, this is two years in a row the draft order has been scrambled.. last year the Rams had the 4th overall pick and they were in the Super Bow! We deserve an explanation or we need this issue resolved. Please respond, you know this isn’t right!
  • Not spamming but I will continue to bump this thread until EA explains the current state of the draft order, and how/why this issue arises two years in a row oddly enough at the end of the year.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    This has been raised up to the team to investigate. We'll update this thread as soon as more information comes available. Thank you for the report!
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hey, all.

    Just a quick update that it doesn't look like the fix made it into today's title update. The team is working on it as it was mentioned over today's stream.

    Thanks for hanging in there and let us know what you think of all the other changes in today's update.
  • this is ridiculous we can't even get one thing fixed. ONE THING
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thank you for your patience. Can you try loading up the game to see if you're still experiencing it now? This fix was not included in the title update and scheduled to be a back-end fix.
  • What do you mean load up the game? You just said you guys didn't fix the draft order. So no I'm not playing this game until its fixed. I like to start franchises at the end of the season so I can do things like resigning, free-agent signing, and drafting. But what I'm not gonna do is spend 3 hours trying to get the draft order right for every team. It should be right in the first place.
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