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Madden 21 Wishlist


  • My comments are relevant to Franchise Mode:

    1) Fix the mis-matching shoes issue;

    2) Customized uniforms and stadiums;

    3) More faces and body types;

    4) Weather should have a greater effect on gameplay. (Slipping-and-sliding; wet balls; sun glare; etc.)

    5) WRs should be able to sub-in as RBs and vice versa;

    6) Career Path Info: looking at a player's stats should indicate what team he was playing for from year to year; and you should be able to see how the player was acquired and when. This year-to-year information was available in older Maddens.

    7) Skill-Player Chemistry: Starting QBs who play in the same offense as the #1 WR for multiple years should get bonuses that increase over time. Example: Brees-Thomas or Brady-Edelman.

    8) More player movement. More players need to hit free agency and there should be more trades. The rosters get too stagnant with teams re-signing most everyone year after year. As it is, I spend a lot of time re-working contracts to force AI teams to let go of players.

    9) Realistic Crowd Behavior;

    10) Coaching Trees; add offensive and defensive coordinators.

    11) Eliminate ridiculously long punts (90 yards?!);

    12) Past season records and stats should be available;

    13) Player ratings should change more dynamically.

    So much more....
  • Create an owner:

    While most gloss over this position, in my idea this can be a central role to bringing back the “dynasty” feeling. Now it’s not the same as college where you recruit players & can create a dynasty that way. It’s more about setting the philosophy of your team. Creating a team feature could be the start of an in-depth franchise mode & mut team.

    I understand some hard parts of connected franchise is networking a solid lobby with similar schedules so they can play each other, with the base roster set. & then adding in rookies each year, & also balancing those duplicates...

    But it’d be awesome to start madden, create a player, get positional grades, get recommended skill levels for challenging or easy, then create a team for the esthetics & a coach for modifiers & playbooks.

    & then play people online with our different “dynasties.” To me it’d really build a base game that’ll last through the next decade as the top football game.
  • Mine are:
    1. Total schedule editing
    2. Conference & Divisional realignment options
    3. Fix the clock accelerator mode in play now it doesn't shut off even though it gives you the option to shut it off.
    4. In manage roster mode on the main menu give us the option to shut off pre existing injuries.
    5. Team uniform editing like give us the option to change the colors of a current teams uniforms... also it would be cool if there was a option to edit the logos on the Helmets...
    6. More options for team Relocations also.
    7. Tattoos...
    8. Legends in free agency....
    9. A coach free agency with real coaches unemployed current coaches & legendary coaches & assistant coaches...
    10. Assistant coaches...
    11. Make long snapper, Kick & punt returner, slot receiver, & slot corner actual positions in the game...
    12. Editing the stadiums, like it would be cool if we could make the field of each team there team Color or there secondary team color.
  • Bro we need madden 21 to be cross platform, that would make it 10x better
  • weather has to be a factor in passing-running-kicking-catching-blocking-ect!!!!! if it's in the game, it's.......
  • 1. Edit divisions, ability to change which teams are in each division.
    2. Edit conferences, ability to change which teams are in each conference.
    3. Editing schedules to where you can decide who plays who the entire schedule.
  • @DubNinerEmpire17 as of now Slot CB, Slot WR, and Long Snapper are actual positions in the game unless you mean something. I think they need to expand Special Teams play to all players, they have it almost exclusively to defensive players and that’s just not the case when you have players like Matt Slater and Taysum Hill blocking punts you’d think they fix that aspect of the game. I like a lot of your ideas though especially for assistant coaches and they should be good in certain areas and also be able to develop them as well. Madden needs a practice in franchise where players who don’t play much can get XP they wouldn’t in a game and Madden needs true game planning... not selecting 3 options about how many yards/TDs you want to give up but actual game plans!
  • DubNinerEmpire17
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    edited January 2020
    Yes on the depth chart they are listed as positions but not on the rosters... its tight ends, Offensive linemen & I believe Linebackers who are able to be long snappers... & wrs, rbs, cb, s, that can be kick returners... Slot receivers are grouped with all the wrs & same with the slot cornerbacks....
  • make passing a challenge or at least fun, have the same lines like in the kicking game or(mlb the show pitcher) red for bullet blue for lob, you could preset before the snap for an down and out or corner the endzone. right analog would controll the lines, right trigger(lob)right button(bullet) but the lines would follow the receiver but if you wanted to lead -low-high-preset-behind shoulder you could do with the right analog, this could also vibrate with rookie qb-crowd - weather- passing on the run, maybe the control would be as the qb gains confidence ,short passing to build this up, vet qb much better. Sensitivity could be adjusted or built though game plan of short passing like real life.. This is nothing like the vision cone,but for a second the def could see the line where the qb is looking, so you could look a cb off of the def. could play the qb eyes. This would need a little more time in the pocket but this can be done with the Al , the last passing icon we had a few years ago just took to long and hard to set up, this system you could again preset before the snap to where you want to throw, or don't lead the receiver and just hit- cirlce-triangle ect.(ps) right button or trigger. I sucks just throwing to square and hoping the ball is where I want it, corner of the endzoe other the being short and picked off. I believe this could make this game truly fun ,weather,crowd,young QB now become a factor in the game as it should be. Def. could shake the screen like(basketball game) if at home and in the kicking game(field goals- instead of "ice the kicker". Does anyone agree with me,please let me know and maybe just maybe EA will put this in the next GEN!!!!
  • I'm guessing that no one from EA really reads these post but I will give it my final shot...

    CFM Subdivision Feature(s)

    1) I am requesting that franchise teams be allowed to scrimmage each other. I think that this would be a fun feature and would add another level to franchise mode. It can be regulated / limited whereas you can only play someone that is not currently on your schedule and or within your conference.

    2) I am requesting that the computer generated franchise teams
    be brought back. I would like the option of created uniforms, (numbers, outlines, logos- full detail).

    3) Please restore the passing game to what it was like at the launch, i.e. remove or regulate the "Lurk" ability. There is no way that a LB should be able to shut down or hinder an offense in this manner. The feature is abused and takes away from the authenticity of the pass game. If this feature is to remain intact, there should be consequences such as fatigue. It is completely ridiculous to play against someone who is using Deion Jones or Myles Jack while they are running 20 yd. shuttles back and forth across the field PRE-SNAP!!!

    4) IT'S IN THE GAME!, Well not actually...please include illegal contact down field, hitting a defenseless receiver, and the 195 pound defensive backs that tackle a TE like they are Ray Lewis???...c'mon, please make this game great again.
  • All in All I was pretty pleased with Madden 20, no game is perfect obviously. However, I would like to see a element added to the game to see which type of run and passes you are successful with during or after game play. More of a play calling analysis, I think this would be pretty cool. Since the new buzz word in football is analytics.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    mrkmacc21 wrote: »
    I'm guessing that no one from EA really reads these post but I will give it my final shot...

    Even though you might not see any responses here we're still reading the feedback. I personally have this post bookmarked for the developers and Community Manager to keep note of this ongoing list. There are A LOT of very constructive submissions here. Please keep it coming.
  • 1-weather needs to be factor,please read my post on passing arch, I truly believe this can make passing fun and practice our timing with WR's.
    2-Bring back coin flip
    3-Set cfm to the same time quarters that I'm playing, computer teams stats are crazy compared to mine
    4-When playing in cfm with a league and only ten teams have real owners,can you gen a schedule for just those team and play 10 games or to what the league wants, sucks having a small turn out and so many com.teams. trades and draft could be interesting.
  • DubNinerEmpire17
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    I wish You guys wouldn't lock players on teams because they are hurt...

    I like to set my rosters up before I start a franchise mode... But because of your settings it forces me to wait till the season is over to play franchise mode... You will lose a customer if this continues its pointless to play the game...
    I don't play my player or my team...
    I like to play franchise mode only...
    But I can't play that mode because you guys won't let me edit my rosters beforehand...
  • I wanna see more immersive and realistic stadium atmosphere. I noticed a pretty easy one. As a lifelong Chiefs fan, that's always my team. In recent Maddens, I've noticed Arrowhead is unusually quiet. I'll be dominating and I can't even get a tomahawk chop going. However, I made my franchise qb go to Florida St, and was surprised when the crowd started it. Please put that **** on Arrowhead. It's the loudest stadium in the world and we got the best qb in the game, you know that place is always rockin
  • I totally agree with Chiefs fan, been a Raider for well over 40 years, crowd -atmosphere-should matter!!! have I mention weather!!! passing arch!!! pregame - please halftime ,what we have now is boring(NBA 2K!!!)
    EA sports please make this game what I know you can do, "if it's in the game, it's in the GAME!!!!
  • My wish list and most of these where at one point in Madden no clue why taken out.

    -Players should be able to be put in at any position. Today more than ever players play multiple positions. If I want to put a QB at RB/WR/TE/FB I should be able too .

    —O an D coordinators and being able to hire new HCs. And when you higher them certain boasts to ratings on what their strengths are.

    —Commentary please have them say drafted players names on both O and D. It’s so horrible they don’t makes Franchise so stale. I know that they say some on O but none on D. Make the names universal and not position specific. Some custom QB names are only said forQBs.

    —Create a team. Please bring back this or at least let us be able to create the color scheme we want for the relocation teams we get to choose from. And don’t let the logo/names be city specific. Example be able to pick Brooklyn Black knights.

    —all pro team! More important than pro bowl.

    —Career stats that matter announce when players break records.

    —HOF. Nothing better than drafting a rookie and watching him make the HOF

    —development of players. It’s crazy when you take a WR who is 69 overall have a Pro bowl season and he gets 1 point to upgrade?

    —surprise breakout stars in camp. Ever year there is that undrafted rookie or player who bounced around the league and breaks out. Great to see a player you drafted/signed at 68 and shows up or after camp at 80

    —Playbooks. Can we please edit and pick from special playbooks like West Coast.
    Can we create our own plays!

    —Better draft classes. Most the draft classes make no sense. No true stars yes I want to develop but come on.

    I’m sure I have more but will be happy if we get 1 or two of those.
  • Can you give the option in franchise mode for conference & Divisional realignment and complete schedule editing...
  • Yeah in every Madden up until like Madden ‘12. Then they said screw that. Sorry bud.
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