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Could u please bring back creating a team uniforms, an selected type offense an defense u want, putting them in categories this time as OL, DL, Secondary, Receivers, QB, An RB,...or Just (Offense An Defense Would Be ok) such as
(air it out) for a passing team..an so forth.


  • Create a team does need to be brought back along with the ability to export rosters from franchise. I want to be able to randomize my team like in madden 12, I've been working on making a custom roster for the soul.purpose of having my own sort of fantasy league.
  • Trop74G
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    No.. Create A Team, Uniform, Randomized Template. Of Heavy Run/ Balanced Defense...this gives emersion to franchise...like when NCAA..you had 4-5 years for a player to leave...the hole team has no one from the NFL roster...all no names you try an make a name for a hole team/ Franchise instead of one player that you get drafted as..
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