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X1 CFM recruiting

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edited February 2020
This lge is meant for people who can’t play everyday. It also fits nice with people who are looking for a filler league to pass time. The goal is 12-15 users. We had 12 at one time. We are down to 8 but we want to get our numbers back up. We are about to hit the offseason entering year 5! We have done custom drafts every year but year 1. We use group me and we operate with no drama! 3 day advance. A small rule book that I will post in the comments. I am offering Incentives for joining. Join as any team and scope out all available teams before deciding. Retire and another invite will be sent. Join as any team that you like. I’m also offering one offensive and one defensive super star dev upgrade. HMU on Xbox!
Game tag is: TopGunn7

If you’re looking for a chill lge at a little slower pace or just want a filler league to play in while playing in a bigger league this is the perfect league for you!
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