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What would you like to see improve in CFM in Madden NFL 21?


  • [quote="Thuzur;c-2110208"]Here comes my wishlist for Madden franchise mode (the mode I buy the game for)

    - HC / GM Mode: No control of the players, just calling the plays. In an ideal world the QB calls Audibles depending on his PRC/AWR skills.

    - Better tools/figures to calculate the financial status for the running and coming seasons. I´d like to see the salaries and capspace (incl. rookie-reserve) for the upcoming season depending on the actual contracts at all time.

    - In Owner Mode I wanna be able to see a weekly/monthly/yearly based balance of income and expanses.

    - Much more spots to choose from if you´re going to relocate your team. As player from germany I would appreciate Frankfurt (Galaxy), Düsseldorf (Rhein Fire), Berlin (Thunder) and Hamburg (Blue Devils) as former NFL Europe teams. All the other former NFL Europe/World teams/location would be great, too.

    - A whole coaching staff (OC; DC, ❤️❤️❤️❤️-Coaches, etc.) with skills influencing the development of players and team

    - Team development: beside the individual dev of the players, it would be great to have kind of a team skill. This skill should depend on amount of training in a specific style (like 3-4. 4-3, Shotgun, I-Form etc) and giving bonus or malus when you call those plays.

    - Player connection: there should be a benefit from players that stick together over time (like Brady-Edelman-Gronk, or Montana-Rice)

    - Team Spirit: Depending on success, Coaching skills and the personality of the players. Guys like Antonio Brown and his behaviour shold have an impact on the team

    - Off the field issues: Good stuff: community (Walter Payton?), family etc. and bad stuff (doping, crime, financial trouble etc.) should impact the game via random events (based on the players personality, morale, the above mentioned team spirit and coaching skills like decipline)

    - NFL Commissioner influence: Why not include rule changes (that could be accepted or denied) from time to time, or even an expansion (e.g. new divisions in overseas)

    I generally whish more "personality" to come into franchise mode. Right know it does not feel like that.

    That´s it for now :)[/quote]

    I agree with pretty much all of this. I'd also like to include that I really wish the old relocation is back. I miss creating a team from ground up as opposed to selecting from 3 different options and however many stadiums (even though those are the same 3 or 4 multiple times). Either do it how it was, or set it up similar to how NCAA was where we had the teambuilder website where we built the team, with multiple uniform options (Home, Away, and 2 Alternate options, I'd even love 4 alternate options), creating the stadium, and importing your own logos to use for each team, then import it into the game. Using for possible play now, or as an import feature to relocation. And continue to keep the low base one in the game for people who don't want to go through all the trouble.
  • Another thing I'd really like, if there was a way to import a relocated team straight into an online franchise in the beginning, that way you don't have to go through the full year all over again. Makes it pointless to even do if u can't keep that going without a 1 yr hiccup.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    RyanW_3529 wrote: »
    Another thing I'd really like, if there was a way to import a relocated team straight into an online franchise in the beginning, that way you don't have to go through the full year all over again. Makes it pointless to even do if u can't keep that going without a 1 yr hiccup.

    Expansion teams would be a nice addition too.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Have you seen this league? Seems like one you would be interested in.

  • Expansion teams would be pretty cool, and yes I've seen this league, but what I mean is I have an online league with 10 ppl, 1 guy is thinking of relocating his team, but as it stands now, unless u skip through an entire 1st yr, u're stuck with the regular NFL franchise.

    So say someone relocates, u wanna follow that through to the next yr's game, we'll say M21. If u relocate in not only an online franchise, but even an offline in M20, you can't just import that franchise over to M21, and u can't just swap out the real team with ur relocated team from the start, u'd either have to play that 1st yr and relocate all over again, or u'd have to sim to the relocation process and skip that whole 1st season just to get that team back.

    We need the relocation settings available to change over a franchise immediately, or be able to import 1 save file from a previous cloud franchise, to the next installment, minus any retired players of course.
  • What immersive features franchise mode needs:

    Better auto-generated rookie classes, with more than the select few heads they have now (too many players look the same).

    Generated players’ names all need to be said by commentators... without this, the game becomes too generic.

    More records (kicking, punting, team, etc.).

    Playoff statistical records for players and team.

    Super Bowl statistical records for players and teams.

    Better Hall of Fame and stat tracking (Keeping the history of each player would be awesome)

    All-Pro awards.

    Team ring of honor, retired jerseys, etc.

    Statistical Reset (bare with me)...
    Ability to start NFL off in year one with everyone as rookies.

    Ability to reset record books and start it from scratch.

    Player statistical and career reset: the ability to take a veteran player, erase their stats and records, and start them over as rookies.

    Legends as rookies in auto-generated draft classes (no duplicates)

    Ability to customize and edit team conferences and divisions.

    Ability to add expansion teams.

    Maybe a list off the top 100 players each year.

    These are just some of the basic things that would make franchise mode AWESOME
  • I love connected franchise, it is the reason why I got into football. Every year I buy madden and quit within the first couple months and come back randomly to play connected franchises. As of now, there is nothing that can keep me around and engaged with connected franchise. I feel like these additions would tremendously help the game mode that has long been waiting a makeover.

    1) Coaching Carousel
    We need a coaching carousel that has depth, where coaches can be promoted and fired. These coaches should have ability’s and perks to help with scouting and team development.

    2) Revamped scouting
    scouting has been dull for the last 10+ years and it needs to be reworked BADLY. I feel like with the new coaching Carousel implemented EA Maddens team can really go to work and make a big change in this game.

    3) More fog of war
    I love the idea of the little of fog of war that is already implemented. More fog of war will always be a good thing. Keeping things tricky and team building a challenge.

    4) scenario engine improvement
    I’m sure this is already in the plan. I love the idea of the scenarios but it needs more impact and depth. Tired of seeing same things week after week and pointless team mentors like kickers or punters mentoring the qb, OL, or defense
  • Capnmisanthropy
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    Decent Superstar mode.

    Defensive perspective camera back behind the player like it is in M19.

    Say user created names on defense or have a list of names we can choose from.
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  • Hello All,

    Some of the stuff I would like to see is.

    Full control of my franchise.....

    I select the pro bowl players, MVP's, Rookie of the years, etc.... I don't always agree with who is selected.

    Let me draft for other teams! I hate when I am in free agency and see a team sign a 90 overall QB and then have the 1st pick and the draft and select a QB.

    I really do believe that is a person has full control they can make the game more competitive just buy who they draft and select in free agency.

    Let me have the ability to change other teams depth chart. I hate when I see a 35 year old 80 overall running back starting over a 78 overall rookie etc.....

    Being able to select when the Superbowl is played each year.

    Being able to choose the X-factor that you like for each player.


    Next is more stats......

    All time team leaders in all categories.

    All-time playoff stats.

    All-time team stats.


    There is a lot more that I could go into but I see a lot of people have touched on this stuff already. One of the biggest things I would change is how you do your MUT. I know you will never stop it becuase it is a cash cow. But how about having one for connect your franchise where we could get the following

    New Stadiums / New City's to relocate / All time greats available as coaches / New uniforms / New Logos

    New entrance for your team to come into / New Touch Down celebrations / New Sack Celebrations /

    New things for your stadiums / Monument's / Sign's / Places in the stadium / such as the dog pound in Cleveland.

    Again I don't pay MUT so I don't want to pay for that stuff but this is something I would be willing to dish out for.
  • Wow, where do we start? Since I only run Player leagues I will focus on them.
    1 Full admin control to Commisioners in all modes. Why can I not import a draft class when running a Player Only league?
    2 Full practices/scrimmages. By year two your entire team changes so how can we practice plays with personnel if we can't use our teams?
    3 Real sliders (in all modes). Why do some sliders use numbers and some just On/Off?
    4. Logic and influence over the draft. I create a QB, set it as Instant Starter, then the cpu makes moves to sign Andrew Luck as the 100 million dollar backup to my 3 million dollar guy. Or the cpu drafts QBs three years straight in the first round.
    5 Spoken names for created players. So simple to do, really.
    6. Logical management AI. So a member of my league goes to the Super Bowl in his second season then leaves the team. As a 23 year old 95 OVR player he gets no offers and is forced to retire. Really?
    7. Offensive linemen abilities
    8. QBs (maybe Captains only) should be able to motion/reset any player on the offense
    9. Coaching profiles (all modes). All coaches do not run all plays with the same frequency. Pass gurus should call more passes, run gurus should call more runs. This is not a playbook thing, it is a tendency thing.
    10. Defensive adjustments. If facing the league rushing leader, the defense should be looking for the run. If a WR has 5 catches and 150 yds at halftime, the defense should start doubling him or cheating to his side

    I'm going to stop here but I could easily add another 10.
  • A one page introduction explaining the league rules (do we broadcast, custom rosters, created players only, etc.), scheduling frequency.
  • 1. I’d like to see a way to see some info about a persons franchise habits before I invite someone to just waste my time or try to ruin my league.

    2. Bring back the point system that allowed you to by player upgrades like in madden 17. Only this time do it with the superstar and X-factor abilities. Allow us to choose by making the more overpowered abilities more expensive to buy.

    3. A way to upgrade offensive linemen’s development, and abilities.
  • My wishlist for Madden 21


    -Playing in coop, let 3-4 people play on the same team. Increase the number of players for every league to I don't know 128? we can get a 4vs 4 or a 3vs3 or something like that
    -Bring in the different coaches with ability (OC,DC, Position Coaches, Medi Staff etc.)
    -Create your own team
    -Create a player with more depth (Like in NBA2k20 with Personality like locality and something like that)
    -Turn down the animation driven tackles and route running (it's annoying if my friend play as wr and a deep pass comes in, and he can't turn around or get to the ball because the Animation must be PLAYED)
    -Position battles and team chemistry
    -Better Defending AI and better Offensive AI (Don't use the same five plays every time)
    -Better halftime show better show overall (man this is the NFL it's about the show! I mean more players without helmet on the sideline no generic sideline etc.)
    -Scoreboard.... ESPN etc.
    -More events off field like players who get in trouble, an injury during training, talk to players during halftime or during training or during the advance week, talk to GM talk to owner talk to anyone made press conference etc.)
    -More depth of a player like for which team he's played what he earned during his NFL career.
    -More depth in contracts(For an example drew brees new contract wouldn't be possible in madden... and you are the simulation game)
    -No more generic faces (Draft, Sideline) please.....
    -Made physics more important and the right tackle. If I control the CB with 80 Pounds and there comes an RB with 120 Pounds and I try to tackle him above his tail... hey he is just stronger...
    -Blocking in O-Line matters! Please get rid of this cluster **** O-Line from this year and this random target blocking behavior.

    Nice to have but not required
    -Buy a house
    -Relationships from player to player and coach to player (if two players are strong in their relationships it would be nice if we see them together on the sideland talking and making fun or pump up each other)
  • cody1727cody1727
    10:55PM in Madden NFL 20 Franchise Mode
    These simple things would completely fix CFM and stay true to EA sports’ motto “ If it’s in the game, it’s in the game“
    • Abilty to control ALL 32 teams in Cloud CFM;
    I would love if at the end of the season I could make all the real moves in the NFL and continue playing into the next season.
    • Fix Coaching/Staff options; there is no rhyme or reason to the way coaches are hired or fired currently. Make it to where you can fire a coach at any time but have a real staff (HC, OC, DC, ST). Then you can promote from within to have an interim head coach if you fire a head coach during the season. Finally, have “black Monday” where teams fire their coach after week 17 but before the playoffs start. The current system is broken. Have more real coach options or the ability to create a coach at this point in the season as well. Example: If I want to fire Ron Rivera and hire Matt Rhule.... chances are he won’t be in the free-agent pool of coaches but if I have the ability to create him that works! that’s fun!
    • Scouting; I could care less about draft stories and all of that. I only want to be able to scout players at the time real teams scout them. Maybe we know a few things about them before the combine but after the combine we know all of their measurables. Also, have player comparisons in their draft bio. I do love that we can finally download draft classes and that makes it way more fun.
    •Contracts; have better contract language. Like guaranteed money along with actual contract and signing bonus. The league manager also needs to have the ability to adjust the salary cap from season to season just like in the real NFL.
    •Retirements; Have The ability to talk a player out of retirement at least for one season.
    •Relocation; Have the ability to move a team to a new city without changing their nickname/logo.
    •Add Long Snappers to a position group. They aren’t tight ends!!!! The CPU always just cuts them because they have a low overall rating. They are actually very important and most long snappers have been with their teams for several years. Also, make the punter be the holder on all teams. I don’t know why they always make the back up quarterback the holder. It makes the game look faky. Every team has the punter hold.
    Game Feel; i’d really like to see each team have its own feel to a game/stadium....Whether it’s real music like the Philadelphia kick off starting off with the Rocky theme, or sweet Caroline played at the Panthers games.... make each stadium experience realistic just like real life. I want to hear the raiders theme music during slow parts of the game or during kick off. The autumn wind is a raider song. I could give hundreds of examples but this really needs to be added to the game.
    •Injuries; Have noncontact injuries. Especially along the o line which is one of the toughest and most physical positions to play in all of football. There also needs to be injuries that a player can play through it may just limit their overall rating.
    •Gameday Inactives; This is very important. The league manager should be allowed to edit the amount of players that are dressed on game day but there should be inactives.
    •GM’s; teams should have a GM. Even if they are fake we should have the ability to edit them. Fan happiness should be affected if a star player gets traded like what we just saw in Houston with DeAndre Hopkins. Then happiness should rise if they trade for or sign a big time player.
    •Suspensions; The league commissioner/manager should have the ability to levy a suspension to a player for any amount of games. I want my franchise to be as realistic as possible and if a key player on my team or any team gets suspended in real life I want to be able to reflect that in my game.
  • GM’s should have better scouting reports based on their rating. Their rating should improve with playoff appearances and or Super Bowl wins or appearances.

    Crowd Noise; Needs to be more intelligent and more intense in big time situations.

    Can we please..... Get rid of the fakey looking players on the sidelines that aren’t real. That ruins the feel of the game. Why can’t we just have the players on our roster standing over there or sitting on the bench with a lot more trainers and other coaches.

    Can we please.... Have a challenge system that works. It’s so frustrating when you want to challenge a play and can’t because of some glitch in the system.
  • Free agency and contracts actually making sense would be nice. If my player is the best league at their position why does their team flat out refuse to make them the highest paid? And heaven forbid you become a free agent. Because even if you’ve won 4 MVP’s and four super bowls in 4 years, you’ll be lucky to get 5 teams interested in you. And they’ll offer a ridiculously minuscule portion of what you’re worth.
  • Allow playing on the same team as your friend in online franchise
  • Make trades realistic. And when you add people on the trade block dont just throw in 5th rounds and 7th rounds
  • Cfm wishlist
    3-7 users per team
    All users as coaches
    All user coaches can be tied to 1 created or existing player otherwise play as ANY

    User coach carousel (you can be traded, released, signed, or quickmatch to get drafted to a random team) also with a dnf % for each user.

    Face scanning through Kinect or mobile app to create a player and then for crowd realism you could take a random 80k faces and fill stadiums with every fan looking different

    Ability to do your own personal training to upgrade your 1 player or position group but also the risk of injury.

    Off field events to boost popularity, fans, 💰 to upgrade your player or boost confidence

    Players can use money from contracts to upgrade so then you have users hoping on the carousel to get more money to upgrade or keep their players confidence up in the later years or pay for abilities that would reduce regression.

    Tutorials on how to trigger different animations and more in-depth on wr cuts/fake cuts
  • Allow friends to play on the same team with each other instead of locking it
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