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Coach Mode Feedback - Why a Re-work is needed.

Coach Mode, by definition is a setting you turn on from the Main menu that allows your QB to throw passes without your input. For simmers such as myself, this has been a wonderful addition to the franchise, but there are key components missing from this Coach Mode experience that negatively impact the experience in a harsh way.

1.) You still have full control over your players.

Logically, you would think "Coach Mode" means you don't have any control over your players, but that is a fallacy. As soon as I make an input on controller during a play, the "Coach Mode" setting is essentially turned off for the play. Why does this matter? Simple. If I'm making pre-snap adjustments and happen to get caught in the middle of an adjustment, the defensive player will become a statue unless if I manually controller the player or hold LB.

Ideally, you wouldn't have any control over players at all in a "Coach Mode." To me, a true coach mode should limit the user to:

-Pre-snap adjustments
-Watch the play go down

2.) User-controlled team's QB's behave differently than CPU controlled team's CPU's.

I don't have much of an explanation for this, but in the Coach Mode league I am in, I am the Ravens. Naturally, I planned on utilizing Lamar Jackson's running prowess in my offense (which plays a factor in my next point). When I am controlling the Ravens with "Coach Mode," Lamar Jackson essentially becomes a pocket QB. He has not once scrambled for me in the 15 games I played this season.

Oddly enough, my opponent had to play my CPU one week, and wouldn't you know it, Lamar Jackson was behaving like Lamar Jackson should and was scrambling. It almost feels like that all "Coach Mode" user QB's play a same generic style of QB, while the "Coach Mode" CPU QB's seem to use the full arsenal of a QB's skillset.

From a simulation standpoint, this is an obvious problem, as all user QB's essentially turn into Pocket Passers, which favors teams with traditional QB's that have naturally higher accuracy attributes. In Coach Mode, scrambling QB's are somewhat worthless because of this AND:

3.) Read Options and RPO's such as RPO Peek still require user input.

Every time a Read or Triple Option is called, the QB will always keep the football. Always. While a simple tap of a button normally fixes this, lag in online H2H games will surely cause this to backfire. If a button input registers too late, your RB will receive the handoff and proceed to stand still while he gets plowed over by D-linemen. If timed correctly, your RB will move under his own power; however, any sort of connection issues completely removes the read option from my gameplan.

The same happens on RPO Peek plays, where the ball will never get handed off for one of two reasons:

1.) The QB will throw the ball before the handoff animation (which is totally okay)

2.) Because the user did not press the appropriate button to hand off (much like in read options). Logically, in a "Coach Mode" setting, a button input should not be required for certain plays to work. Button inputs should not even be allowed.

Ultimately, "Coach Mode" should be a setting where the user is not able to control their players. If we are still allowed to have full control of our players, then does this mode serve much of a purpose? Also, QB's shouldn't behave differently based on whether or not the team is controlled by a User or a CPU.

tl;dr: Coach Mode simulation suffers from a variety of issues and truly needs to be re-worked to remove user's ability to control their players, because a true Coach Mode wouldn't give you that control.


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