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Madden 21 on next gen

What can we expect out of madden on next gen consoles?


  • I want to preorder Madden 21 but I waiting to see if there's a new x factor edition exclusively for the PS5 and upcoming XBOX console.
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  • EA_Blueberry
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    Keep an eye on official Madden NFL channels such as the website, Twitter/Facebook, and these forums for future announcements surrounding the franchise. There hasn't been an official confirmation of an upcoming Madden title. Excited for next gen though!
  • Enable us to compare stats and see history in online H2H again. Also, fix the ranking not showing problem. Also in online H2H, put weather back in, more and realistic penalties, put injuries back in, put allowing us to challenge plays back in, all of which you took out starting with '19. Will not buy '21 unless those functions work again.
  • It does say that the game is available for preorder on gamestop.com. I hope that the game comes out July 24th 2020. Then I can have a Christmas in July celebration while playing Madden 2021.
    Madden fan since 93.
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