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I'm not getting my money's worth out of this game .

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Hello EA, I just hopefully see that you guys see this message I'm sending out, throughout this year of madden 20 has been hell, I'll budget then see what money I can use to have fun with for my self I'll spend it then I'll get nothing out of these packs, today I've seen quite alot of youtubers pull not one not two but three golden tickets now me I'm like, you know what let me put 200 dollars on this game for the last time to see if I can get lucky, I wont get nothing but 77s too 91s the highest I got overall was a 93 I've never got anything bigger then that and today there are new golden tickets out I've see alot of youtuber pull Back to back golden tickets But I thought EA said the stakes will be low for golden tickets 🤔 but it seems high to me and this is where I feel like I'm being lied too and not getting my money's worth so if EA see this all I'm saying is I want my money's worth I want the packs too be fair for everyone we spend money and more money to get these players but dont get Jack nothing at all💯😕 Thank you
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    Some of those videos could be fake - I'll let you figure out by whom. I can't believe you would spend ANOTHER $200. It's amazing to me that anyone would pay more than the original game price because people who do pay more are to blame for this problem, not just EA, just like people hoarding toilet paper creates a problem for everyone else, now everyone else feels like they have to hoard toilet paper too. There was once an age when everyone paid a one-time $50 for a Madden game and it was fun throughout the whole year. I personally will never pay more than the original game price, ever, and was able to make it to #43 on the H2H SuperBowl leaderboard with a 97 overall team, but I've lost my interest in playing because once a defense is at 99 the reactions of the defense is so high that it eliminates 98% of all offensive plays from all playbooks - there's really no point in playing anymore. It doesn't feel like football, maybe one of these days someone will make a game that allows you to design your own plays (like the very first John Madden Football for PC) and go head-to-head online THEN that'll be the day it'll feel like football, and also with a draft and trade system for your online team but impossible to achieve straight 99s across the board - that's just stupid.

    EA's focus is on Arcade, but as soon as I find a game developer that focuses on realism with online play then that'll be the day I'll jump for joy. I don't even care about the NFL logo, teams, or players - I just want some realistic competitive online football. Oh my God, I just had a grand idea - I can create such a product myself at GoFundMe/KickStarter.
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  • The more real money you spend on this game, the longer the game is trash. you are literally falling into the trap my friend. Like 616 said. You used to spend 50 and you had the whole game. It’s lame man
  • Pradier18
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    Thank you fellas for the good feed back but yeah lol today was my last day of putting money on the game 🤣🤦‍♀️ definitely after seeing tyreek hill cross face my 97 sean taylor with 99 speed with out sean taylor hitting him sean taylor is the reason why I play madden I swear I thought madden wasn't gona have sean taylor this year so I didn't buy the game but after Christmas I heard he had a promo so I bought the game and still EA be doing him so dirty like how is tyreek hill beating sean taylor with out taylor picking him off why is deion Sanders 99 ovr 99 speed 99 ACC just watching the ball fly over his head like I'm just heated I'm not getting good packs so it's like what do ea want
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    Golden Tickets are quite rare and like @616rexfortis touched up on, maybe the streamers opened up more packs and only showcased the highlights to make it appear like luck is incredibly favoring them? Madden Ultimate Team is a lot of fun, but if certain promotions are leading you i a direction where you're not getting the same amount of joy out of the game like you used to, it's not a bad idea to switch things up. Go play some Franchise mode where others have been posting both competitive and casual leagues within these forums, Online H2H, or Superstar KO. I'm a huge huge fan of Draft Champions. If I'm not able to maintain a top tier MUT team, I'll dive into Draft Champions because I know the matchups will be more even and can still earn great rewards to help build my MUT team. I'm sorry you're not having as much fun as of lately with your pack luck. The packs odds are shown under the details before purchasing the pack to give you expectations on what your chances are. Let me know if there's any other feedback you want me to forward along to the team.
    There was once an age when everyone paid a one-time $50 for a Madden game and it was fun throughout the whole year..

    Having "fun" can be subjective. There's a lot of players still logging into Madden deeper into the season than we've seen in the past, so there's something about the game that must keep them coming back to play? In my opinion, it's because the game has much more value now than ever before. There once was a time when $50 got you Exhibition mode and Franchise mode with some roster updates throughout the season. That's it. If you look at what you get now, the team has added Face of the Franchise (Longshot in recent years) where you have a story-based mode, Superstar KO which gets updated throughout the year with new players and coaches, Madden Ultimate Team with weekly content throughout the entire year, MUT Squads, Solo Battles, and updates challenges on the fly. In all, there's a lot more variety now on how you want to play football within the Madden NFL franchise. This doesn't even include all the new mechanics added to the game over the years like new routes, run commit, blocking adjustments, and new plays added to the game throughout the year that you never saw in past Madden games.

    Doesn't imply that with all of these new game modes the game is perfect. There's always room for improvement and we use feedback here help guide the team on what areas of the game players love or want changes around. Some feedback leads to changes in patches or title updates, while other types of feedback might have to wait to be implemented in a future Madden title. Let us know what you're having fun with so we can keep doing that. Let us know what you're having trouble with in game so we can help make it better in the future.

    Thanks for reading and good luck in your next game.

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