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Face of the Franchise 15-year limit?

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I think I just "finished" Face of the Franchise mode. After getting drafted, I played through 15 seasons with my quarterback. (I understand normal Franchise is better but I got really attached to my QB in the first season after getting drafted and wanted to take him as far as I could). I wanted to continue his career for a few more years. My QB was in his mid-30s at this point and was beginning to decline, but he still had some fuel in him.

However, after finishing his 15th season, I was forced to retire this player. I have no idea why. I was especially confused because A) I had signed a contract for another year with the Falcons, and B) we had just won the Super Bowl, so it's strange to me that they would just release him like that. I proceeded through Free Agency to see if my QB got any offers, but at the end I was forced to retire my character.

I was wondering if FOTF actually does have a 15 year limit, and if so, why is that? I was under the impression that Franchise mode had always had a 30-year limit, and I have no idea why they would cut that in half for FOTF.


  • EA_Blueberry
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    There are times when the QB may hang up the cleats and retire if you opt to go through Free Agency and don't receive any offers. Last I checked it was a 30 year limit for franchises, however I've seen others endure a similar outcome like yours. It seems to be on the rarer side when a lot of variables have to line up to produce this outcome.
  • drumjolter01
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    @EA_Blueberry Since it was later in my QB's career he was only getting 1-year contracts, and early on in what ended up being his last season, the Falcons gave him an offer to stay on another year. I accepted the contract, but as soon as I won the Super Bowl that year it forced me off the team and into retirement. I just find it weird that it still forced me to retire the character even though I was signed to a team.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4819 posts EA Community Manager

    It's not a scenario I suppose you would normally see in he NFL, maybe when the QB is much much older in their career and were thinking about retiring anyways. It's unfortunate to see this happen when you've spent so many seasons playing as the QB. You get that emotional attachment to the franchise.

    I've relayed these type of experiences up to the Madden team to be aware. I can't guarantee any changes around retirement settings this year in an update, but feedback like this is very much heard as they discuss future plans.
  • RyanW_3529
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    Personally I think it's stupid that a player has to retire if they don't sign a contract in FA. The FOTF needs to be more like the RTTS on MLB The Show. Very few caliber NFL players retire if they don't sign a deal, and most end up somewhere regardless. If a player doesn't sign a contract, b/c they r teams they don't want to go to, or they feel it's not the right deal for them, then they should get the option to choose a team to be placed on (MLB RTTS), and fight for an extension w/ preseason play, and training (this would help incentivize people to actually do the training). In RTTS, u get offered deals, if u don't take them, u go to FA, sign w/ a team of ur choice in Spring Training, and fight for an actual spot on the team, and earn a new deal. If FOTF was like that, it won't force the user to retire if they don't sign a deal, and then u can fight for a roster spot and contract w/ ur play in preseason and through training.
  • Opedawg815
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    I finished my rookie contract, made 3 playoffs, 2 SBs (won 1), got franchise tagged, then was forced to retire because no one made any offers. My career was 5 years lol
  • Yeah the logic of some of the stuff in this game is so stupid that it drives me nuts. I'm not even a dev, and have never created a game before and I could come up w/ much better ideas. Even reusing ideas other games already have in place.
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