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Why Does Card Upgrade Show Unusable Card in Auction?

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So, I'm trying to upgrade the Tom Brady power up, and it's asking for a 92 Harvest Tom Brady and it says "search in auction" so I select that and it shows a 76 Harvest Tom Brady? I didn't know what to think so I bought it and it wouldn't let me use it. What's that all about? Why is it even showing the 76 card in the first place? So I went ahead and put the card back up on the auction at an astronomical price thinking that somebody else may fall victim like I did except I didn't pay very much for it.


  • in the Harvest programme you are able to upgrade 76 items to the 92 version which you can then use for power up. the 92 version isn't auctionable (similar to upgraded power ups. I have the 92 harvest version of quenton Nelson and I don't know what to do with him...). therefore I assume the auction house showed you the base item....

    I can well understand that you feel cheated when the auction house offers you the wrong (not directly usable) item, but I don't think I like the idea of making profit that way. it happened to me already that I bought a card which was enormously overpriced just because I misunderstood what I needed. please don't do that! it will backfire on you (and also others), if another bad example makes other players want to screw you over in the same way ...
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