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Finally done with the game

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I have loved the two football franchises that EA has put out (NCAA Football & Madden) but there are a couple of things that I can no longer tolerate with the game. The hit stick fumble has ruined the game especially with X factors in MUT. I am moving the ball at will on people only to have my drive stopped by people that load up their teams with enforcers that keep causing fumbles. This after using conservative ball handling option and holding the button down to hold onto the ball before getting hit. Not to mention that my RB's carrying is over 92 and one of the highest in the game. Its a joke that you can have no clue then stop people by constantly hit sticking and causing fumbles. There's no strategy to that. It is a lot worse in MUT than regs. Also, I started out with an 84 overall MUT team and I am playing guys with a team full of 99's. How is that even fair? I just think EA needs to re-think their strategy when it comes to X factors and abilities and match-making.


  • It's horrible half the time.. you could be playing someone who clearly is terrible and the cpu will literally take the game from you
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