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At lease a couple of times a game I go to switch to a player and end up switching to a different play then I expected. I understand that after the snap the player closet to the ball is constantly changing, but I recently I went to switch players thinking I would be switching to the LB to fill the running hole, but switched to a lineman currently in a block, leaving the LB to be beat by the RB's juke. And who hasn't had that pass in the air and when you switch to user defend you get the defender you weren't expecting and end up giving up an easy td? The other one I have seen is a qb scrabbles out of the pocket and you want to switch to the LB coming from the middle of the field but it switches tot he CB covering the WR in his area and you end up giving up a first down.

I understand the logic of who you get switched to and am okay with that, but it would be nice to get an indicator to who you are going to switch to.


  • Switching to the closest player doesn't even work half the time Madden is scripted if it doesn't want you to make the tackle then you won't get it. I was just playing the Superbowl and on 3rd and 15 the running back starts swerving back and fourth and every time I try to switch players it's switching me to a lineman or linebacker that is currently being blocked. This game is stupid but but my **** is going to keep getting it every year.
  • EA won't even let me express my rage it turned a cussword into emojis
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    Swearing is against the forum rules and not necessary to get feedback across, sorry that game led to you being upset though. If you see movement like that happen again and can record a quick clip of it to share here, we can have the team review it as feedback. Thanks for coming by the forums.
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