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madden fixes

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How can a player win a Madden tournament without passing the ball? This is 2020 not 1950. If that doesn't show Madden developers and madden users the problem with this game I don't know what will. Since week 1 we have cried and complained about the run and nothing ever got done. I played in a franchise where 15 RB's were gaining over 2,500-2,000 yards every season.

Safteies/DB/LB - need to have coverage speed toned down. No player can cover an entire field and 3-4 routes per play without stopping and slowing down to change direction. No reason my 85 speed LB should be able to cover my slot WR across like glue.

QB Trajectory - Its absolutely horrible and still needs to be fixed. If I throw a bullet pass it should be a bullet. Its hard for a defender to get to it because the ball travels a lot faster then a person can. Passing game should resemble madden 06,07,08,09,10.


  • dawg sports games are some of the worst games, to improve difficulty for all pro and all madden they just increase latency. You have to press a button 3 whole seconds before the actual response, instead of realistic timing.
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