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This game has to know when you’re doing way to good because I had won 6 straight games in h2h crushing people with 99 overalls etc. Low and behold seventh game playing against nothing but 92s and couple lower players and all of sudden team can’t block,can’t run,cant catch a pass drops it if get blowed on can’t play defense all of this outta nowhere smh can someone explain this to me? On top of this the person was running goal line defense any other time an idiot does that I bust that blank! But no against this bum kittle dropped 4 straight passes t.o. dropped wide open slant etc just baffles my mind


  • I play against my friends a lot. Sometimes I win 40-10 sometimes I lose by that. Madden seems to have a desired winner before most games start. Not much you can do when they want you to lose and not much you can do wrong when it favors you.
  • Isn't that the truth. In my league, we r in season 2. Dating back to last yr, I was 23-0. Went undefeated and won the SB yr 1, went 4-0 to start the new yr. Week 4 I could tell something was up b/c a guy a blew out last season, playing the same mind u, was keeping up w/ my team. I had an INT in the endzone that got called a safety (should've resulted in a touchback), then T.J. Watt went for an INT later in the game, ball thrown, he just stands there to attempt to catch it, which he would have, but the WR ran into him and I got hit w/ a PI. It shouldn't even be a PI when I'm going after the ball. Needless to say, I just barely made it out of that game by the skin of my teeth.

    Week 5, my HBs (Saquon & Kamara), were fumbling the ball at the 1 yr line or inside the 5 when they never do and normally score. Then my WRs r turning on curl routes and just let the ball go by. I ended up losing that game 45-7, my 1st loss in the league.

    Then comes week 6. Wide open guys not even attempting to catch the ball, guys who normally r great at catching in traffic drop the ball at the smallest touch, and this time the WRs aren't attempting to reach out on slant routes. Then u've got his DBs and LBs (who apparently r faster than my WRs?!?), catching up to pick off balls they shouldn't even be near. Still lost that game, even though my HBs managed to put some work in, trying to not be blown out.

    What's funny though is how my team has finally bounced back the last 2 weeks. Scoring a combined 121 pts in both those games to the opponents 10, the 1st of those 2 games being a 77-0 shutout.

    Also, I rarely throw 3 INTs in a game. Those 3 weeks combined, I threw 10, when I normally only have that # by the end of the season. Now I dont mind losing, but it's ridiculous when u r not only battling ur opponent, but the game as well. Madden's logic is garbage and its games like that, that wanna make u stop playing the game. But the game for sure is determined the outcome of a game before it even starts. And overalls don't even matter when the worst OL or DL can get past the best players of oppo position.

    But it's like Madden tries to balance out how much u win and lose. If it team is just that much better, u shouldn't be getting buried by such lesser teams. Whether they r User or AI.
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    I play against my friends a lot. Sometimes I win 40-10 sometimes I lose by that. Madden seems to have a desired winner before most games start. Not much you can do when they want you to lose and not much you can do wrong when it favors you.

    Matchmaking is skilled based. Sounds like you had some great games and then every once and a while we all have a rough game. Even elite Quarterbacks in the NFL have those 5 interception games every blue moon. There is no predetermined winner going into a game. If you're playing MUT, team OVR and their team chemistry can give one side a slight advantage in player ratings but it's not impossible to win against a user that has a higher OVR team if you outplay them. I think if you're throwing 3-6 interceptions a game, consistently, we may want to revisit why those interceptions are being thrown from the get-go. Bad timing, play selection, finally reaching a ceiling for your skill, giving credit to the defense for their play call...I'm not sure what we should do here? I've had terrible games myself and I guess I could come here to talk about them, but it's not going to help me unless I get advice from others on how to prevent those from happening again going forward.

    Do any of you have clips of these situations? We could make a fun exercise out of them by dissecting what could have been done different during the play to prevent the interception. Getting a visual of whats going on can allow us to understand where features in the game can make things difficult which we can help forward to the team. I'm not sure what you all want out of this conversation other than the secondary coverage is too fast in game?
  • For starters the LBs r way too quick. There seems to be more issues w/ then than anything. They basically teleport across the field. There's no way some of these guys should be going from the middle of the field, 30 yes down, and ro either side to get an INT. And I understand sometimes having a bad game, but for that to happen to ur entire team??? That's a bit farfetched. How r ur WRs gonna let balls go by, ur QB throw 3 picks, and all ur HBs fumble in 1 game? This isn't a case of any single player having a a bad game. Not when the entire offense can't march down the and ur defense can't stop anything ur opponent is doing.

    I've got an X-factor of myself (99 everything), Saquon, Kamara, OBJ (dev upgrade), N'Keal Harry, Jerry Jeudy, and CeeDee Lamb on Offense. T.J. Watt, Devin White, Ebukam, Jeffrey Okudah, C.J. Henderson, among many others on Defense. My team is a 90 or so overall w/ a 93 O and 90 D. No reason the entire team should take a giant dump during a game, and absolutely no reason it should happen multiple weeks in a row. Its 1 thing for a player to have an issue or ur team to if u have Injuries, it's another when u r healthy and the whole team shuts down on u.
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