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Account Suspended - Coins Taken - 100% Unwarranted

A day after being banned and all coins confiscated (1.3-1.4 Million), I received an email from EA stating:

"Because your account was involved in Coin distribution (sending), we’ve suspended your access to the Auction House and Trade Block for 14 days."

The saddest thing is how wrong this is. I almost entirely play Madden 20 solo, beyond a few Weekend League matches. I have played all year for the team building, using Auctions as a means to an end of bettering my team. All year I have maintained 20 auctions most every day as a method of income to upgrade my MUT team. I mostly buy/sell Power Ups and have gotten a real good feel for this Market on PC, I have always considered this just part of playing the game?

In no way have I ever "Sent" gold to another account. I don't even have any friends/contacts on EA Origin/Madden. I play solo battles and challenges mostly.

This experience is soul crushing for a life long gamer. I have invested soo much time and effort into this game and enjoyed it all year long, to only have EA crush my experience 3/4 through the year. This action has fully soured my experience and unless EA can reverse the action (I have support tickets); I can say 100% I am done with EA as a company going forward.


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    Thank you for reaching out to us on the forums with your feedback. Glad to hear you contacted our Terms of Service team to dispute the action taken on your account, they will do their best to respond to your request as quickly as possible. Please keep a close eye on your email folders for a response from them in the coming week. While I've seen cases where suspensions and bans were placed on accounts by mistake, they are typically quite rare, so when disputing these actions it's imperative you provide as much detail as possible as to what you think you've done in game recently might have contributed to the flag on your account. The more details the better.

    Sorry to hear about what happened and hope you receive a swift resolution around this soon. Good luck.
  • Blueberry - this was 100% a mistake. No action was done beyond posting up to the 20 auction limit, no cash being transferred; just an action that I have done to play the game all year long. I am assuming I undercut someone who may have been transferring gold and my account got caught up in this by one of EA auction bots?

    Any human will look at my account, its sales records and actions and clearly see nothing was done against TOS; in fact, i was just playing the game as it is designed.

    Any help bringing attention to my support tickets would be appreciated. Waiting 72 Hours to Two weeks and possibly losing 1.3+ Million gold is an end to my season and playing future Madden or EA titles (as you can understand I am sure).

    On the other hand, mistakes happen. If EA or any company promptly corrects or fixes a problem, that builds customer loyalty. I am 24 hours in and waiting to see if I can continue my Madden season or if I am throwing in the towel.
  • SO for Sending Coins you get a 14 Day ban for Recieving Coins you get a perm ban xD good to know
  • you are 24h in? i waited now 4 Weeks for an answer from Support ^^ and NOTHING i couldnt enter Mut or Franchise AT ALL, no i can get into MUT and Franchise but Perm auctionhouse ban and STILL NO answer from EA support
  • Problem for me is I neither sent or received any gold. I wasn't transferring coins between accounts. The only activity I did was posting auctions as normal for realistic prices - as in selling cards and playing the game.

    I understand EAs bots making a mistake and blocking my auction access, but they also took what was near 1.4M coins I had earned selling cards over weeks. This took tons of time and effort, prices on PC are ridiculous still so we need to grind for upgrades in this manner. My entire season playing this game is likely shot based on others experience with EA.

    I feel as If I was at the fair and winning tickets only to have staff mug me for them part way through the visit, just because they can.

    I have only asked that EA support review my account, any human will quickly see no TOS violation or wrong doing of any kind.
  • well prbl you will not see your coins back
  • Well that is a choice EA can make. But the company will no longer see any further USD's from this customer if they can't/won't correct their error. They will lose a future customer of Madden 21 all other EA products due to banning and >ruining< the Madden season of a customer mistakenly "flagged" by a bot or however this occurred.
  • I’m really sorry about this, but it’s time you realize ea will do nothing to help you. Ea is known for having the worst customer service in the world. I would also quit madden, besides for the fact it’s the only good football video game. The only thing I can tell you is to wait for 2k to come out.
  • Appreciate it, its the false acquisition that burns the most.

    As a middle-aged adult, I first played Madden in the 3rd grade on the NES. Soo much history of enjoying the franchise, all to be remembered only by a very-poor modern day "cheat-mitigation software" run by EA.

    The franchise was amazing before teams of poorly trained support staff impacted your experience with a product.

    Again, I don't blame them for flagging my account and taking my hard earned gold. What I do hold EA accountable for is the complete lack of response from Support in remedying the issue for a paying customer.

    I even had a chat session with support to start; I was told my issue needed to be escalated to another team to investigate. Then crickets and brick-walled with no response.
  • Well, still waiting for any type of response since Monday. Though EA Support did close out a duplicate ticket for me, that was nice. Sadly, I truly hope EA comes through and admits they made an error and fixes my account.
  • Based on several recent forum posts just like mine; it may appear EA's algorithm on PC Madden 20 MUT is being overly aggressive in flagging accounts. I am starting to believe the problem is players spending upwards and over 10M coins on top end GT's still. Our market is very inflated, so anyone looking to upgrade their team must earn tons of coin in order to do so, then spend it. Likely some bot is seeing this as gold transferring?

    Heck I even learned the hard-way the Madden Mobile app won't even allow bids over 10M, you need to use the in-game auction in order to go one small increment at a time for bids. Painful and expensive. Seems they really didn't anticipate the PC market getting and staying this inflated?
  • This seems to be a issue for more then just a few PC players in the last week. We really need help getting EA's attention on this problem. I am not sure I can even play again after the 14 day ban, having no clue what I might have done "wrong"?

    Was I not to purchase cards on the AH at market rate (10.2 Million for GT Lamar and 2.4 Million for GT Edmunds) to better my team (not resold)? Are we not allowed to post cards on the market to sell to random other players? This is quite literally the only actions I made int he game beyond playing Solo Battles and some Challenges.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    We have an article on the "Rules of Madden NFL" here if it helps you understand what area of the game you might have been flagged for: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/madden/madden-know-the-rules/
  • @EA_Blueberry

    Thanks for that. I have reviewed this article and nothing here applies to me or actions I have made playing Madden 20. Not even close.

    I would greatly appreciate any help/attention to my problem and support case with EA.
  • Now, no coins available to purchase FAP packs. Not feeling appreciated at all EA, please help.
  • EA going on 5 days and a holiday weekend with no response. It would take a human being 5 minutes looking at my account history to know I did not "Send Coins". How do you expect me to spend real USD to purchase Fan Appreciation packs when you just >took< money earned in your game from my account? All I am looking for is vindication so I can continue playing your game and being a customer? Not asking for much , please help.
  • In Muthead forums many players are reporting suspensions. Some admit to wrong doing, others like me are completely confused. Is EA trying to loose players for Madden 21? I worked very hard all year to build my MUT team, it is extremely frustrating to have that progress halted/stolen without reason by EA's team.
  • Coach_JohnMadden
    150 posts Member
    edited May 2020
    14 days, that's it? Feel lucky you weren't banned permanently. Perhaps EA should make it impossible to do whatever it was that he did, sending/receiving coins from other accounts?
  • DirtyPersian
    1 posts New member
    I hear your pain, same thing for me I did not send any coins either and got a 14 day suspension. The issue is I'm on day 14 and the email I had said that I should be up today. "sent to the TOS team"
  • Good luck on finding a resolution
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