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Whats happening to my players

So ive redone my team again.Does anyone else get players who are beast at first but then start runnig slower or stumbling around or just stopping while running or watch other players run by all your 99s with 98 n 99 speed or jump 10 ft high or seemingly halfway across the field for an int or have u had balls pass through players to others cause i have LOTS!!!!!!or how about every pass int and every run fumbles or watching ppls teams line up not in formation but in routes and gaps even in audibled play to new formation is EA doing this to me or what?Oh BTW dont spend $ Ive spent hundreds no gt i get 89s for top players in ul packs most times


  • Im losing my desire and love for football ive played all of my life so idk y i feel dumb to it playing madden
  • 3c52omd1b7hp
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    Just to add to the fun I had a 3-0 win streak going in my mut season got glitched out of my loop apparently there was a problem loading the game which it does a lot lately and then I was putted against a 94 95 ovr at best and was made to look stupid again hhhhhmmmm wonder what happened there????feels as if I'm being targeted to being held back or something maybe as if I'm not liked for some reason and idk what I've done but I do know different accounts are treated differently and I'll never be swayed
  • Coach_JohnMadden
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    EA has embedded an algorithm to diminish your players performance when facing higher rated teams. This is no secret and is reasonable because of course a 95 team is going to play better than say an 89 team.
  • Just a quick question I've changed consoles due to my game being frozen and frying my hard drive but I went to an Xbox from a ps does anyone know if any of the progress will follow when I sign into my ea account as in will I still have my Derwin James tokens and legend and toty tokens????
  • Look what happened in solo battles all my players were backwards questions was my quarterback Kevin Huber wastwnkqepwwlgr.jpeg
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