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NFL Teams Vote For a Five-Year Extension of their Video-Game Licensing Agreement with EA.

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  • If this vote goes through, expect the same level of production and quality that Madden has been putting out. This series died a long time ago, but since they are the only NFL football game on the market they have no standards to go up against. I haven't played since maybe 2011 or 12 when Franchise mode was pretty good. But I see it's just mostly virtual card modes, online and microtransactions. Old head since 92'
  • I'm happy to see this.
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  • botravis
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    All I care about is Online H2H Ranking and Stat history. Now that you’ve got your money please put it back, Signed guy that wastes money and Hope every year.
  • For real, this is a sad sad day. We're stuck with Madden 'simulation' games for the foreseeable future unfortunately. Madden really has become less and less realistic each and every year. EA sits there and touts this game as a 'football simulation' when in actuality, it couldn't be further from that. The game runs entirely on scripted animations. I'm not sure how that can be considered realistic and 'simulation.' Nothing happens in the game if the CPU doesn't allow for it, unfortunately. Nothing is in the hands of the actual gamer anymore in EA's football games. When you look at a game like APF 2K8, that is a true simulation style game. Madden used to be a true simulation style game back on the PS2, but not since then, which is unfortunate. All EA and Madden cares about is putting all their efforts into MUT, rather than using all that Madden card pack money they're racking in from children essentially gambling, to actually fix the game! This is a perfect example why monopolies are no good. They have no competition; therefore, they can just use a wash, rinse, repeat, and delete strategy with no real efforts made to improve the gameplay and franchise. Let's not be surprised to see them take out more features from franchise, just to put them back in years later and have them claim to be 'something new!' I made an elongated post that got moved for whatever reason, to the Madden 21 wishlist.. Feel free to go check it out if you'd like. The EA sports police here love to throw all the 'wishlists' all in one thread in hopes to silence gamers who want their voice to be heard, rather than let individuals start their own thread because those can gain too much traction, while it's easy to ignore an elongated thread such as the wishlist thread.
  • This is so unfortunate. Monopolies are illegal if they are considered to be anticompetitive monopolization, which Madden absolutely is. EA prohibits any company from creating a 'simulation' football game. That is the definition of anticompetitive conduct. I'm not sure how EA has gotten away with it for almost two decades.

    But alas, here we are. Here's to another handful of years of a company washing, rinsing, and repeating their games without making any changes to the actual gameplay to make it a true realistic and simulation style game. It's sad that we haven't seen a true simulation football game from Madden since the PS2 days. Maybe, just maybe they'll finally start using all that Madden Card Pack money from all the child gambling they've racked up and put to improving the actual gameplay and franchise mode.. But let's face it, they won't. We'll just get the same regressive game that's worse than the last year's product with some fancy new broken feature that doesn't make sense from a pure football perspective like X-Factor.

    Hooray for monopolies! :)
  • botravis wrote: »
    All I care about is Online H2H Ranking and Stat history. Now that you’ve got your money please put it back, Signed guy that wastes money and Hope every year.

    I hope the team play feature comes back as well. If it came back I would want a T2T (team to team ranking system.
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  • Hey I’m just as upset as everyone on here unfortunately I think we are in minority. The money EA is giving the NFL and players is crazy. This means that the game is selling and micro transactions are flying which means if people like the game or not they are buying it. Nothing will change until people stop which doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon. So for us die hard franchise mode players we must realize the good old days are not coming back anytime soon.
  • I'm not upset this is my favorite video game series it is the GOAT.
    Madden fan since 93.
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