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Running Game

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The running of players should have a more fluid motion, jukes are to slow, an after contact there slowed down to much stamina shouldn't be much of an issues until late games, high carry/ carries in game...more of a blocking mechanical path... better harder stiff arms, looking at highlights of real NFL running backsan coming up with animations


  • Malachi510
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    In Madden 20 if I Don't control the Ball Carrier will the runner do moves on his own? (ex. Juke left and right) ? I'm asking this because I like playing my carrer at QB and I also like to WATCH my Defense play on the field NOT THE SIM screen! The only way to do this is switch on feild control ON. That way i can select slow sim and watch when im not on the field. But if I do this and decide to lay off the controller when my player does not have the ball will the CPU be able to operate as well as they do when I have Field control off? I'm not concerned about the defense because its all computer controlled but watchable with slow sim on. Im concerned when im on offense and my player hands off or completes a pass will my players react the same way they do when I have full field control off? Any help will be appreciated 🙏
  • I hope the running game has a new timing mechanism with every possible run through the gaps.
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  • I hope you are joking? The running game already is OP and you still want it to be more powerfull
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