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So bad

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This is the biggest waste of money. I paid $60 for a game where the receiver just don’t catch the ball and it bounces off their hands. So ape **** this is the worst game I have ever played such a huge downgrade from all other madden games.


  • Mildrex
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    Just ran a full blitz and a 79 overall running back broke through tackles from Khalil Mack, Kyle Fuller, and Eddie Jackson for a 94 yard touchdown
  • This is the most unresponsive game I’ve ever played, I’d you’re a competitive person you shouldn’t play this game. It’s straight simulation, toss up, coin flip. Unless you’re playing on like the lower levels.. but all madden is a straight up toss up. Super unresponsive, user plays are not rewarded. Even on competitive playing style. Wack as hell
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