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Perfect example of why ppl think the games are scripted

LB in perfect position in zone coverage to catch a int, or swat the ball and he does this, Vander Esch 83 ova


  • Dude this be happening alllll the time. I played a friend who close to never plays this game and i normally blow out no contest, but every game here and there the game will be tight and my team just plays like booty. I will have an INT perfectly lined up, user the defender and he either wont move or flat out wont even react. I been saying this for years, this game takes 0 skill, foot IQ or strategy to play anymore, EA is absolutely pathetic.
  • @Dweezy85 same here, I totally agree with everything u sayin!!!
  • I just lost like 4 out of the last 6 games because the cpu players on my just decides to stop functioning. On run plays 97 over all tackles and tight ends will run around the defender pursuing the ball EVERY PLAY. Or they will turn around and run into me, but they will not engage the defender in a block!
    But when Im on defense the ai players are just there. They will run towards the ball carrier late. The safeties wont pursue the ball carrier until they are past the line of scrimmage. And the DLine and line backers run directly to blockers instead of the ball .. It's ridiculous
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