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Which game feature would you want most to return?

What would you like to see changed in the older Madden features and brought back with a twist?
Madden fan since 93.


  • My 3 are redzone moments, aggressive catch and a new quarterback passing modified tools
    Madden fan since 93.
  • More ability for create a team customization. I’m okay with there being pre-selected cities and names as long as announcers say the names in the game, but at least let us tweak the uniform/colors, stadium and logos.

    Coaching carousel with assistant coaches that effect the team when hired like in madden 12 and have them have hidden ratings like players. Who knows what assistant will be next great coach?

    New XP system. More based on players performance. In prior maddens if an UDFA made the pro bowl he would get big jump in ratings not like current maybe a point or 2. But also have real hidden gems that progress during preseason. How many times in NFL you see a guy who bounced around finally got his chance and blossomed in year 3 or 4. Kurt Warner???

    Way back madden 2001 had best commentary they called great play by play saying player names on both sides. This is so important for immersion especially deep into franchise mode. But also have them talk about your teams current and past accomplishments like if you won SB prior year or going for 3 in row. Your QB MVP season.

    Custom Playbooks. Bring back legendary coach playbooks and let us be able to customize playbooks with those plays available. Also if we can’t create a play from scratch at least let us edit current plays if not all maybe at least a limit of 10-12 per playbook that will save.
  • Samop
    16 posts Member
    Please change weather in new Madden 21. We need weather prediction pre match in Franchise cloud mode. The leagues must have the option to change their weather. Introduce check with superstar abilitiy off/on to change weather.

    Influence in the game of weather. Snow, rain, strong wind, cold. Temperature adjust please.
  • Stats
  • The-Sporty-Hero
    835 posts Member
    edited May 2020
    2 more things I think need a tuning or brought back are scouting combine like in Madden 97 and sudden death with our nfl themes.
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    Madden fan since 93.
  • H2H stats,scouting and History
    USER Prestige: which notified you who glitches and Cheat.
    The ability to put your CB on a Deep Purple Zone.
  • In depth creation for relocated teams would be a very welcomed return for me. I don't mind the options, but I'd much rather be able to create every aspect. Preferably w/ 4 team slots for unis.
  • The ability to compare H2H online stats, see history, and scout opponents.
  • The ability to compare H2H online stats, see competition history, and scout opponents. Also, the ability to create plays from scratch or from offenses besides those of current coaches or teams (i.e. building a foundational offense from the balanced playbook, West Coast, run or pass heavy, etc.).
  • I think the john madden football mode should come back in the future and we could compare head to head stats during the game. I miss this mode.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Plus the music should return and play during player introductions in online games with our teams.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • a5050d
    2 posts New member
    Madden arcade 2009
  • a5050d wrote: »
    Madden arcade 2009
    I never heard of that one.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • RandyO07
    4 posts New member
    Online stats that span all h2h games. Better glitch monitoring for those of us that don’t learn how to play on YouTube.

    Love to see the xfactors return and have superstar abilities be active in mut like they are in franchise mode. Maybe have a master that is a 4th Xfactor or a full chemmed coach madden allow a 4th xfactor.

    I enjoyed this years games, so expand on it and fix some of it flaws!
  • RandyO07
    4 posts New member
    Oh and if you can’t fix the glitch plays that can’t be stopped maybe limit repetitiveness and force a variety of plays to be called maybe by not letting them call it more then 3 times quarter or atleast have the cpu help shut it down cause you can only control one player and can’t cover everyone yourself!
  • 3Skull
    33 posts Member
    Make your own plays.
  • One last wish is to move the man in motion while punting.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Mayo719
    1 posts New member
    There needs to be stats for Tight Ends! Star players need to be nerfed, I’ll play against someone like Jamal Adams and he will cause my team to fumble 5 times in one game. I’m sorry but Adams is not a god and every time he tackles someone they fumble.. not realistic and madden does that with at least 1 player per team. It’s ridiculous. Also if you play franchise after 2 seasons none of the other teams have cap space for you to make trades....
  • The-Sporty-Hero
    835 posts Member
    edited June 2020
    I think the sportsmanship rating should come back connected to fair play and have more consequences per money plays. Sorry for editing I just thought of something different.
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    Madden fan since 93.
  • the ability to build custom routes on offense.
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