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Madden 20 Discord - A place to voice chat and find squads

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I have set up a discord for Madden 20 players to be able to meet up in and chat and discuss the game and the different game modes. There are also voice channels. There will also be channels for learning plays and more.

Make sure you post your platform in the "role request" section.



  • if u make the discord pls tell me and invite me to it pls i have been looking for a madden discord for a while
  • I lost my big brother to cancer and I just wanted to make him proud on madden 20. We used to play madden all the time and just want to build a team hes proud of. Should you be willing to help me out please
  • EA_Blueberry
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    I'm going to move your post over to the Madden 20 section now to get some more visibility around this if you're still running the Discord.
  • taliboi5
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    this is a xbox one discord to connect with people and play madden franchise
  • RyanW_3529
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    1st, @Jah4L, can we post and advertise our own online Madden leagues for people to join?

    2nd, @Buckeyekiller06, sorry for your loss 1st and foremost. We have an online franchise w/ a great group of guys who'd be more than willing to help u out as we play. We've got a discord as well. We've helped a few ppl who haven't even played Madden in quite some time so we'd have no issue helping u as well, if interested of course. And providing u r PS4.
  • oOoRMWoOo
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    Ok just looking for some advice and direction. As a former HS football coach in Atlanta, I love and miss the game. I had a stroke about 17 months ago and am still partially paralyzed on my right hand. I just got Madden 20 approx 3 weeks ago and family want to learn and get better. My biggest problem is that nominee wants to play with and/or help a newbie. Do you know of any discord servers that I might check out and that would possibly help me out.

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