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Ratings Logic

Why do Raiders players get no respect in Madden? The coaching is far worse than the players themselves. Maybe Head Coaches should start receiving ratings too, so that a teams overall reflects everyone and not strictly on the players. That coaches rating should dictate penalty frequencies. The lower their rating, the less disciplined the players are so more penalties. Derek Carr had a better completion percentage (70.4%) and more passing yards (4,054yds) than Kirk Cousins' 66% and 3,603yds (who also has far better players around him in Thielen, Diggs and Cook). Why is Carr (80) rated lower than Cousins (82). Philip Rivers had terrible stats (only 5 wins, completed 66% off his passes and 20 INTs. 20!!! Neither Carr nor Cousins threw 10 INTs so how is Rivers still rated higher at an 84? I'm glad Jacobs, Waller and Crosby improved. However, behind Waller, Renfrow was our best receiver. He should be about a 77 as opposed to a 74. Right now he's rated the same as the Dolphins' 3rd best receiver who only caught 19 ball. Renfrow caught 49 passes and 4 went for TDs. Albert Wilson caught 43 passes and only 1 for a TD and he is rated higher than Renfrow at a 76. Back to Maxx Crosby, he had more sacks (10.0), more solo tackles (36), more tackles for loss (11) more passes defended (4) and more forced fumbles (4) than Nick Bosa did. Bosa had 9 sacks, 32 solo tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 2 passes defended and 1 forced fumbles. Crosby did it in 10 games started versus Bosa's 14 games started. Bosa also has a much better D-line, linebacking core and secondary to work with. How are they not rated equally if not Crobsy being rated higher? Bosa currently sits at a respected and well-deserved 89, while Crosby sits at a mediocre 77 when he had better stats in less starts. Crosby should be rated 89-90. Yes Oakland the team had a tough year but these players stats don't lie. Their ratings shouldn't suffer because those around them can't keep up.


  • Plus Crosby only played 750 downs to Bosa's 777
  • BlacKvHawK
    4 posts New member
    there is no ratings logic. I dont even think the "guru" knows anything about football. These should the the ESPN fairweather ratings lol
  • racer8755
    6 posts New member
    Haha, yeah the Madden ratings logic is hard to find. Idk where they find these guys. The Rivers rating is odd, so is the Carson Wentz rating, so is Dak prescott's.

    Weird. Best players and their ratings are on this site: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/madden-20-best-players-top-15.

    Would be interesting to see how accurate this is to the real NFL.
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