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Gridiron Notes: Franchise Updates Coming to Madden 21 & 22


  • Emulate NBA 2k MyLegue.
  • Full coach mode. So no having to kick field goals.
  • JeasleyBG
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    GM Mode a must. Similar to NBA2K
  • Edoll07
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    I have a few things that I would like to see different or brought back in madden franchise/ superstar mode.
    Superstar mode: I enjoyed playing the superstar mode of madden in 2006/2007. It was nice to be able to form around a players parents and also have an experience of going through the draft and the ability to change hair, tattoos etc. If you could change it so that their are different modes that can be accessed like a superstar mode, GM mode, and a coach mode then that would be great.

    Franchise mode:
    1. I would like to see brought back the ability to hire coaching staff at different positions such as Head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, and special teams coordinator and even more coaching positions with different levels of how they can help progress players.
    2. I would like to see brought back from other maddens is the radio show like the Tony Bruno one or something similar.
    3. Another feature that I personally enjoyed was when you would go to scout a team and it would show a whole paragraph on how the player is based on their overall. I believe this was in madden 11 for playstation 2.
    4. A concept that was in madden 12 that I would like to be brought back is after a draft is over, the team would automatically sign undrafted free agents to the roster. The rookies would also not have their true overalls show up until the preseason was over which was nice so that you actually had to see how well they were doing and if you should release them or not.
    5. A concept that was nice in older maddens was the position battles screen. You were able to actually show a position battle and even the CPU teams would have them and it made it so the best performer would start and not necessarily the best overall. It made madden seem more realistic.
    6. Another concept that is missed is the training in training camp when you could take a kicker and do kicking drills to boost their overall and a quarterback doing the pocket presence drill to boost them.
    7. Lastly, I just want to see madden franchise be more realistic and have the confidence realistic to have players doing well or in a slump and have it reflect in their overall/performance. Just make it seem more real instead of more fake like it has been getting.

    General Gameplay:
    There is no way that a defensive line in madden that averages 82 overall should be able to penetrate a offensive line that averages 92 overall in less than 2 seconds consistently, there should be at least a variety of when it happens. It should not happen every play.
  • In the manage roster menu, possibility to have access to the draft pick (years N+1 & N+2) to make trade between the teams. To be closer to the real roster and the draft picks list for each teams at the beginning of a franchise.
  • Regarding the ability to edit the X-Factors like the first post referenced, has this update been implemented yet? That's literally the main factor in whether or not I decide to buy the game.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
  • So to clarify, @EA_Blueberry , this feature is only customizable in Franchise mode? Not within the regular rosters? Or am I misunderstanding this?
  • Is there an ETA on the commish tool?
  • It's simple. Like others have said, do everything NBA 2K does in its My League mode. It's near perfection all laid out in front of you. Why not? Facebook and Instagram copy other social media company's successful features...why can't a video game company do the same? This doesn't have to be complicated.
  • Bring back the features you’ve taken out from old games! You’re telling me after almost a decade of neglecting a game mode this is all you are going to add to the mode? How about letting the consumers decide. This is what’s disappointing and why it’s hard to get excited about. EA is so far behind, that adding new features isn’t enough because we are missing key aspects of running a franchise. No training camp, no practices, no assistant coaches, no real game planning... what’s the point of a practice squad when you can’t practice? This game mode is missing so much it’s sad. At least EA is making promises for next year, and promising to add things this year after release but nothing before??
  • Yada yada yada....
  • Need help asap please 😢 I turn off salary cap not meaning to on a league I help run I need it turn back on please it's a really good league the league name is Unde4d IC3MAN_7
  • A franchise similar to NFL Head Coach 09 would be amazing
  • They should add Divisional & Conference realignment options... also Rebranding & better/more relocation options... as soon as possible...
  • All this window dressing of stuff but no mention of fixing game play.

    How about fixing psychic DB, pursuit angles, super user, passing trajectory and increase ball speeds, fix high point passing, realistic route running, physics and real tackling, aggressive catching and catch in traffic, offensive lineman being able to create a real pocket, tone down man coverage, tone down DB block shed, tone down man coverage, increase pass rush on blitzes, make players play to their ratings, bring back global substitutions, create a real home field advantage atmosphere like in NCAA 14, Increase on field AI awareness.

    How about fixing those things first before u do anything else!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Details on what's coming to Franchise will be revealed this week!

    From today's stream:

  • Is there anyone having issues in franchise? Since this new patch the past week, the system crashes before the franchise games are saved. This issue was resolved and now it is back. This was suppose to be a upgrade? smh. Why are these problems ongoing this year? I can't even play the game without the updates cause when I do it will not connect me to EA servers and I can't access my franchise mode. I have deleted the app and downloaded several times on PS4, still get the blue screen with CE-34878-0. Annoying as hell.
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