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Visual abnormalities

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Anyone else getting a lot of odd visual glitches?

Im playing on the xbox x, Got the $100 edition, and ive been really surprised by the number of visual glitches ive seen compared with madden 20.

So far ive seen:

- transparent players
- Fields with no lines or textures

All on single player, MUT/Face of the Franchise (ive not tried the other modes)

If these bugs were one offs Id be ok, but ive had atleast one of them happen about 25% of the time, which is crazy.


  • I also have the completely green fields (playing on PC) from time to time. I'm not exactly sure but I think it was always at the home stadium (49ers).
  • wrt54tg54
    4 posts New member
    I had another really odd one today. My character in face the franchise mode or whatever it is called suddenly went from white to black, but only the head. Additionally, it kept all the features, so it looked really weird. Thankfully a reset resolved it, but it really was an odd error.
  • I spoke too soon about the skin color swap being resolved. Its constant for cutscenes.
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