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FOTF Disgrace

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I've been a hardcore Madden player since 1992, but I am sick. After agonizing through 2 hours of meaningless FOTF cutscenes, I finally get to play my career, only to find out the game simulates 9 weeks ahead!!?? If I am playing a career mode in a sports game, I don't want any games to be simulated. Hello!!!??? Seriously??? That's ridiculous!!! And for the record, anyone who is a real Madden fan does not give any dam about some hokey storyline. That said, some of the aspects of FOFTF are cool. I like the progression from HS to college to NFL, and I can deal with the cinematics, but for God's sake, let us play each game of the career. If EA wants to emulate NBA 2K, it's fine, but do it right! I never had to accept simulated stats/results in ANY OTHER SPORTS GAME. Absolute trash. Gameplay is much better than what most reviews state, so at least online play is still viable. In the end, I would not buy this game if I had known.
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  • I feel your pain but unfortunately I was not aware that you had to have a freaking internet connection in order to play Face of the Franchise. I get the other modes but really EA give the people with no or little ability to have access to internet to still play at least that on top of franchise mode.
  • Fotf is a good mode.
    Madden fan since 93.
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    I was massively disappointed in FOTF. Not only do we not play most of the games in our careers, it doesn’t make any sense.

    *Spoilers ahead* you aren’t missing much

    I get drafted in 2021, and retire in 2027? That’s my career? I just “played my last game”. Hit continue, watched a cinematic (without audio, a nice glitch or just a complete omission?) about dedicating a scoreboard. After that, I press continue and now the game is just simulating I guess endlessly. I’m on 2034 right now. Should I keep waiting for something?

    Nothing made sense trying to shoehorn the story around user played games. The difficulty kept resetting to rookie difficulty and I got tired of changing it and decided to just own the AI. So every game was a blowout. So why does the college coach want to start that other guy over me when the previous year I took over in a title game down 6-3 and won like 42-6. Obviously I’m the better quarterback. That coach would’ve been fired for starting the other guy over me.

    Speaking of the other guy, what a wasted opportunity. He should’ve been drafted the year after me by a division rival, and we should’ve had yearly battles to see who’s the best. At the end of the game, they asked if it was important to surpass “Tommy’s legacy”. I thought they meant Tom Brady. Then I remembered that **** from high school was named “tommy”. How am I surpassing his legacy? As I rose through the ranks, I never saw his name on the legacy board. I never played against him.

    Back to the inconsistencies. Towards the end of your career, the game tells you you’re struggling. Despite winning the first game of the season 97-10. I watch the cinematic about how I’m having a rough year and the coach is thinking about making a change. The cinematic ends and I see the team is 10-3 at this point. I play the game to keep my position, and I see the season has simmed my player to have 45 TDS and 5 interceptions. That’s struggling?

    There’s tons of issues with that throughout the story.

    All of this, and I haven’t even mentioned enough that YOU MAKE US SIM MOST OF THE CAREER!!!

    That was certainly a bold choice. And by bold, I mean it in the Apple sense, as in widely disliked and obviously bad.

    Also, I really dislike that you removed the record book. I enjoyed trying to knock off the records as I progressed. Just very bad decisions all around.
  • Wow, I'm not even going to waste my time playing this if that happens. Yikes. And I thought the Franchsie mode was shallow... oof.
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