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Madden 21 Verdict

This game is as bad as it's been since Madden 13. People joke that Madden is just a roster update year after year -- but to tell you the truth, that's sort of what we want. We don't need major corrections/alterations to gameplay, just adding in cool things like X-factors now and then and fixing minor issues is what we want. This game is terrible right now. People run the ball up the middle, my D-line doesn't do anything, Bobby Wagner backs up to my safeties and doesn't come up to make tackles, and my user is 35% slower than the ball carrier so I can't make the play myself. Start listening to your comp players who have real correction suggestions and stop giving us things like the jurddle while taking people's ability to user and impact the game away. I'd like to think the dev team will make corrections, but it's troubling that they release the game like this. It's a trash game and just like in Madden 12 when the game seemed like it was heading in the right direction, EA has taken fives steps backwards with M21 just like they did with M13. Start listening please.


  • #NFLdropEA went trending on twitter. That's two times a hashtag criticizing Madden 21 (#FixMaddenFranchise) went trending No.1 on twitter. If they don't get their act together and produce a simulation game next year, the NFL will do something about it.
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