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Frustrated Loyal Madden Users



  • Im curious to see if Ea really pays any attention to these blogs. Alot of people really do have some solid ideas and great points about the good and bad of Madden.

    I would atleast like to see them address these issues even if they dont have the capability to fix the issues but at least address it publicly so people with know that your listening and not juct continually ignoring the screams of the community. That feels like a slap in the face of the madden loyal.

    I think we all can agree that madden should focus its flagship game first before they continue to add new game modes.

    I mean really how can you add new dishes to your menu all while the dish that made you famous suffers. Thats bad business
  • GoGetta601k They do respond and acknowledge but that's it -- no promise of any fixes.
  • I feel your frustration and I can tell many are beginning to notice this as well as I have realIzed for years. This year they sold this game to franchise users by completing lying to us, saying they were going to add additions to this years Madden not telling us it wouldn’t be until November! Not to mention the legacy issues and overall lack of progression for this game year to year. After so long of a game mode being neglected it’s hard to appreciate any new features because it’s missing so many features that are important for running a franchise. If they just implemented everything they removed from the game from 2006 to 2012 with modern day additions I could probably deal with the at times cruddy gameplay. I would really love some honesty from EA, are they not capable of making a game that satisfies majority of its customers or are they unwilling to because they know the exclusive agreement forces us to pay for a product we don’t necessarily want but it’s our only option. I’ve lost all hope, and at this point I would just like another to make a football game whether it’s NFL or not because EA desperately needs competition. They don’t have anything else driving them to make a good game.
  • I do miss old school Madden, some of your replies brought back memories. I think its been five years since we could challenge a play. I remember when they use to bring out the flags and measure it. They even use to show the coin toss and see heads or tails. How long has it been since a player was injured in a MUT game? Madden 15-16? Yet, they still have "injury" as a stat on the card.

    Live weather, that was something different. One year you could make a snow angel as part of your celebration. I am not sure if that was a part of MUT, but I do remember that.

    I do agree with the OP that the game should be played as to resemble a real NFL game. They did seem to bring back stamina as a more important part of the game, which I think is much more realistic. Your back-ups now are part of the game and you can't spam hurry-up. #3 of the OP's statements I have noticed the most in 21 and every time I'm thinking ****, would this be happening in a real game? Bring back the X button so we have a little control over making the QB not scratch his **** before every play.

    Madden goes to where the money is, if the game brings in more money when anyone can google a glitch, it will have glitches. I think glitches are there on purpose.

    The game is still new, lets see what the patches bring.
  • Yeah, I'd love to see that old stuff put back in.
  • cjacks009 wrote: »
    Anyone else waiting for 2k to take over madden games too? Ea is a joke, somehow the game is worse this year.

    No. This is why I don't think it would be any better w/ 2k. Y'all seem to have forgotten how MLB 2k became garbage on the Xbox once they became the only baseball game for Xbox. The reality is that the whole complacency thing can happen to any company when they do not have competition.
  • Yeah, pretty obvious that's true.
  • Unfortunately. There hasnt been any positive changes to this game and it doesnt even look like the is headed in the right direction.. i wanted to wait a couple weeks and see if they would listen tonthe madden community and try and make the game better but no sir we are still being ignored when it comes to game play. Looks like we the madden community have fallen for it once again. We paid good money for an updated madden cover and thats about it.
  • The offensive line blocking logic sucks. The QB getting hit and the ball going 20 yards straight to a defense back sucks..
    The game has lost all since of realism.
    Ea has put to much into the AI controlling the flow or outcome of the game that we might as well play computer Vs computer and just watch. The AI play each other. Because thats pretty much what this game boils down too. The logic of this game is broken. I dont understand how a wide open Wr. With no one close to him will fill the need to jump and catch a pass just so a defensive back can push him and the ball drops. Thats a perfect example of Ea controlling the game. Real life that wr makes an uncontested catch and we are on to the next play but in the world of madden its strictly up to Ea. What players and plays can even catch a ball...
  • Madden 21 is truly the worst madden every assembled it seems that they found away to combine all the worst possible attributes that ever existed on this game. Just to serve it up to us the Frustrated Loyal Madden Community. We deserve better than this st this point we all should band together and demand a refund.. Nowhere else in life fo we have to pay money and be stuck with something that doesn't live up to expectations do when do we continue to accept this crap from Ea.
  • Well mut is the superior mode and actually makes money
  • Superior mode to some, maybe even to most, but not to all. And they make enough money off it to make regular online H2H players able to enjoy the game too by making it work right.
  • D2KDuFFy...if watching 10 year olds run around with Lamar Jackson because they stole their parents credit card is superior...then yes, you're right.
  • Can they do some about the situation with Mike Evans getting "moss" by **** 1st.?
  • Servers always down, DC Glitch is horrible, DL and LB will pull up middle of sacking QB

    Terrible game
  • I hate these bots I just wanna be able to play people
  • Yes, Nsalerno7706! Exactly! Tell 'em! Restore regular online H2H how it was in '17 and make it real again. Put history, stats, scouting, weather, challenges, injuries, saving depth charts and whatever other features they removed back into '20, '21, and next gen.

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