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Things ruining my franchise experience

-Super db’s paired with WR not attempting catches
-underthrown/overthrown deep & medium routes resulting in picks instead of incompletions
-strength of arm tackles/slow break tackle animations
-perfect qb’s with 80+% completion
-human wr drops compared to cpu

Off field:
-cpu reorganizing depth chart. I’m running a 4-3 under/over & after the offseason they switched my re & le without warning.
- lack of new practices. IMO they should do something to practice ball carrier moves, qb throwing windows wr route running. Block shedding, pass rushing moves, breaking on routes. Instead of just running scrimmages, which have their place but it’s gotten old.
- More depth in personnel mgmt (or if it’s already in the game visual feedback for roster moves & how they affect different parts of the game)
- Coaching tree(it’s been said that this has been talked about but I think it’d be cool to have coordinators with their own playbooks & possibly even having a coaching hiring/firing segment when you start a franchise instead of after first year


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