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Editing rosters in the manage roster section

So I'm trying to move players around to different teams by releasing them and signing them to a new team. I did a "fantasy" draft in excel so the teams are completely different than the current ones, so I want to be able to move everyone to different teams. The first problem is you can't release or trade players that are injured. Is there any way around that? Second, after I released as many players as I could from every team, I tried to sign them to their new teams, but most teams didn't have any cap space, even though the teams lost most of their top-tier players. Is there a way to change the salary cap? Or possibly change what the players would sign for? Any answers or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • No there is absolutely nothing you can do... This has been a annoyance for a long time... The people that make this game refuse to give you the option to take players off IR... It's possible they could do it like NBA 2K does where you can go in and edit player and take the injury off of them... But EA just wants to annoy the customers who like to edit rosters to the way the see fit...
  • The players will be on IR until they are healthy in real life or after the season they will take everyone off then... or I sapose you can start a franchise mode then edit rosters after you start the franchise mode...

    Idk why they even bother having a edit roster option in play now if they gonna limit your ability to edit rosters with cap restrictions & players locked on IR...
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