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Why does the defense always win

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edited September 2020
Today I witnessed the most rage-inducing slap in the face play in madden. I somehow(because this game is broken) got Julio Jones matched up on a defensive lineman. Of course, I noticed right away and the defense was in a cover one so I do what any knowledgable person would do put Julio on a streak and throw him the ball. Somehow this 275-pound lineman got on top of Julio's release and was able to trap him in the stack technique animation so Julio literally couldn't run past a 275-pound man. Here's the best part. I thought to my self whatever Julio can jump high in real life and he would definitely absolutely poster a lineman or at least draw a PI call. And you probably know where I'm going. RASHEEM GREEN pulled off a 360 one headed pirouette interception over JULIO JONES.

Please fix your game


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