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Never receive Twitch Stream Drops

I watch most of the streams, Madden Daily, Madden Live, Derwin versus the world. I never get drops.

I'm connected on Twitch. I follow the streams. I talk in chat. Never get them.

I contacted EA via chat, they say it's a know issue and they're working on it. Sure.

If I try to create a ticket on EA Help.com, it tells me to contact EA Madden NFL. There's literally no practical way to do that.

I send Twitter messages to EA_Kraelo and EASports_MUT. No response.

Not sure where else I can provide this feedback. Would be nice if I could get the 4 million packs you guys owe me. :)


  • Also, I purchased a game changer packs in the XBOX store yesterday. The points were deducted but I didn't get the packs. EA Help said it would be on my account today. So far, no packs.

    My feedback is that it should be much easier to submit a support ticket for these types of issues. I should be able to go to a single website, type out my problem and then let you guys work on that problem without having to follow-up. But instead I have to talk to some dude in chat that barely understands what I'm saying, and then not have much of a response, certainly not a successful outcome. It feels like I have to go above and beyond just to communicate EA in a meaningful way.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Have you tried reaching out to EA Help on Twitter to see if you have your Twitch & EA account properly set up? I'm sorry you've had a poor experience with our Support team at Help.EA.com, though.

    From what you're describing it sounds like you might have your Gamertag linked to an EA account that is currently linked up to a different Twitch account. I've seen this happen over the years and usually due to just pure accident with the person not knowing they have two different Twitch accounts. It's important to un-link it from that Twitch account, then your EA account, and re-sync it.

    Steps on how to do that can be found below. I'm assuming you've already done it, but posting it here again just in case and for others to see.


    In regards to your packs, there can sometimes be a slight delay and backing out of MUT and re-entering the game can help. If you haven't deleted your Xbox Gamertag from your console and re-added it, that can help fix syncing errors with the store purchases registering to games.

    Hope this helps you out, @WereRobber
  • Thanks for the response.

    I only have one Twitch account. I have tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it, but that hasn't seemed to do anything.

    I'll give EA Help on Twitter a try.
  • I have concluded my conversation with EA Help Twitter regarding the fact that I watch all these streams but don't get drops. EA Help Twitter: "Unfortunately, as I can't see the streams in the tracker on your account, I cannot verify this. I can only advise you to unlink Twitch and re-link it to the account."

    I have already done this several times prior to reaching out to EA. So the solution seems to be, "It's your problem. So sorry." Which is indeed "unfortunate." I mean, it has been verified that my account is linked. But because of a technical error that I have no control over, I'm just out of luck. No Daily Drops, No Madden Live Stream Drops, No Derwin Takes on the World drops. Yes, I did get a second welcome pack for the Derwin Crown, but that probably means many other people got 3 crowns to my two even though I sat and watched the stream for almost the entire time period (2+ hours). It will be interesting to see if this happens again on Tuesday. I would really like to get Nick Chubb if I ever get enough crowns.

    I also talked to EA Help Twitter about my missing Game Changer pack. To that, I was informed that packs are normally auto opened if you don't get them. Which is odd because it's always been my experience that packs are never "auto opened", rather you open them and if you don't finish choosing the packs they revert back to an unopened pack but you're going to get whatever you originally could select from. Anyway, there was nothing in my binder and no pack for me to open, just 900 points that went poof. Basically 13-14 dollars worth of points. And even though I had informed EA Help Twitter that EA Help .com had literally told me that they had updated my account and I would receive the missing pack within 24 hours, 48+ hours later EA Help Twitter was telling me to check my binder.

    I understand that the majority of requests to EA Help whatever are probably 15 year old kids that have no problem lying, cheating, or making a big deal over nothing. However, I'm not one of those people. I'm just someone that thought reaching out for help and support would be a bit easier than this.

    Again, having to go to a website that tells me to go directly to EA Madden NFL Twitch, and then not having any way to communicate other than a scrolling chat screen with thousands of people typing "!drops", then going to EA Help .com where I was told my first issue was known and they were working on it and my second issue was fixed and it would resolve in 24 hours on my account. But then reaching out to another website where I was told to go to EA Help Twitter, and having them tell me it was my problem and they couldn't do anything for me. All of this over a large amount of time. I mean just getting a response form EA Help Twitter takes sometimes hours. So like, Wow.

    I guess I'm glad it wasn't more than just 900 points. I might really be upset.

  • I watched the entire Derwin stream on Twich last night. Very entertaining but I still didn't get my crown this week. My account is linked and has been unlinked and relinked several times. The impact from this is significant to my MUT team. I really want Nick Chubb but now I'll have no way to obtain the card for my Browns Theme Team. EA Help hasn't been any help, see above.
  • At Kraelo's suggestion during today's stream (for which I will never get drops for watching), I've downloaded the Twitch Desktop App and will use that during the next stream. We'll see what happens.
  • Still no drops. Using the Twitch Desktop App did not change anything.
  • NatureBoy2323
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    edited September 2020
    @WereRobber Click on this link below and follow the linking and unlinking of the accounts step by step exactly how the document says to do it. Also, if you have multiple EA Origin Accounts, please unlink all of them.

    Can you send me your GT or PSN ID so we can maybe see why you are not getting any Twitch Drops. Thanks.

  • Nobody actually owes you anything man... LoL.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    This post is from last year so I will be closing it down to avoid further necroposting.
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