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Madden NFL 21 Title Update - September 24th

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Today's Madden NFL 21 Title Update contains the following fix:
  • Gameplay: Fixed a gameplay physics issue sometimes preventing receivers from properly catching the ball, which was exposed by work in Tuesday’s title update.

The Title Update will be going live on all platforms (X1/PS4/Origin/Steam) on Thursday, September 24th at 8:00AM PT/11:00AM ET.


  • Great news. Thanks!
  • good news....question, any idea when they will address QB urgency at LOS when play clock is running down?
  • Very excited to play the game with this change now
  • When is the "white out" screen going to be fixed? Is there a current work around besides wasting a time out?
  • Are the rosters updating every week?
  • Please fix the Rams. I'm not talking about ratings, but ANIMATIONS and APPEARANCE.

    1. Jared Goff's presnap stance is incorrect. In the Maddens I have played, his feet have been even with each other when receiving the snap. However, his real life stance has his left foot back by a lot.

    2. Granted, the stadium is new, but the Rams head logo at midfield is bigger than reality. In reality, it only spans about 10 yards. In Madden, it is a few yards more.

    3. How come in Ultimate team, Kupp's number remains 18 when his new number is 10?

    4. Yes, I realize these are small issues, but I want it to be as real as possible.
  • Why do my madden game keep cuttin offf and freezing
  • I want my money back i cant even play a **** full game with out it cutting off goin all the back to home screen and saying error every single time im tired of it and its very annoying i want my money back
  • Bad53Boyz
    2 posts Member
    edited September 2020
    There has to be something done about QBs not fumbling at all on scrambles. How can this game justify Lamar Jackson trucking Full Steve Atwater and Adrian Wilson. Atwater leveled Okoye as a rookie. Running backs fumble more in this game compared to QBs. What is the point of putting something like Truzz in the game when all Scrambling QBs have it active the entire game.
  • Mouthpieces mouthpieces mouthpieces in every game mode thanks!!
  • I have in every cloud franchise the same issue. i play with the bills and if i start in week 1 by example Andre Roberts the KR/PR is not on the final 53. If i change the OVR restriction to 70 OVR it is the same issue. He is not in the Game. He is not listed as retired or released but he is not in the game. In preseason he is available. Fix this please it is just ridicolous.
  • Please fix the big Nickel formation. When you flip play on the play calling screen it doesn't adjust. It's the only defense that does this. Also when playing man coverage in this formation, the LB's are cross matched when you flip play on play.
  • Please fix the formation Subs. There have been several title updates and you still cannot make formation subs in CFM.
  • You have successfully ruined a perfectly good game update by update. Now playing H2H online is just as horrible as it was last year. You're opponent can just chuck it up into coverage.....again. Endzone dropped INTs that turn into TDs for the offense, Idiots throwing into coverage and get rewarded with completions. Because everybody has **** and moaned so much about how man coverage was "too good" in early 21 game, now it's unusable just like last year. It was perfect the first week it came out. You could be any team, and be in the game because ALL NFL TEAMS CAN PLAY MAN COVERAGE. Everybody was complaining because they actually had to figure out a different play to call, instead of doing the same play every damn down. This game rewards idiots, and gives points away. To make it even worse, now every sack is an automatic fumble for some reason. It makes no sense.
  • is jerry jeudy jersey update happening anytime soon
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