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Opponent Quits and I get the loss ?

Someone help me understand this.. i had 2 user concedes last night and i get tagged for the loss ?? yet i was winning in game and get the loss.... im confused


  • Burnzee
    8 posts New member
    Don't be its the EA way. FIFA series is rife with it.
    Only they don't have concede its just rage quit.
  • Burnzee
    8 posts New member
    BTW I'm 100% in your corner, why ea can't or won't add in a simple formula to ensure that when someone quits, regardless of the score, the other player should still get the W, not the lose or draw. That's just lazy programming.
  • I have it happen when simply disconnects. It sucks...
  • I had that happen to me before.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • it sucks i shpuldnt have 11 losses, the user who disconnects should get punished or something... i have Cox Gigablast Internet 600 MBPS, I have no lag !!! but yet theres server issuses and network issues, things should be fixed...
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