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Madden NFL 21 October Title Update

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Hey, Madden Community!

To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback. Our launch updates focus on many of the issues that Madden players report to us. We thank you for your feedback - you've helped us improve Madden NFL 21. We look forward to further feedback and are committed to continuing to meet your expectations.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in today's title update:

Key Highlights:
  • MUT, Franchise, and Gameplay bug fixes
  • General Gameplay & Presentation improvements

Gameplay Updates:

  • Improved Unstoppable Force to work on User controlled non-engaged defensive moves
  • Improved Avalanche ability to work against Ball Carriers using the Cover Ball mechanic

  • Fixed issue with Coverage assignments incorrectly switching in the Big Nickel formation
  • Addressed an issue where when running Nickel 3-3-5 Wide: 1 Sam SS Blitz an Outside Linebacker in Man would inappropriately convert to QB Spy
  • Improved Default Zone Drop Coach Adjustment for Flat Zone so Cloud Flats and Hard Flats would play appropriately when on the field at the same time
  • Improved Cover 4 Palms Inside Quarter Safety play to better cover #2 Receiver
  • Address an issue in Cover 4 where the Quarter Flat player would match routes that he should not have been matching

General Gameplay Improvements
  • Fixed an issue causing an opposing player to freeze in the middle of the field sometimes during offense-only practice.
  • Fixed the Zone/Man tell where offensive users were able to tell if their opponent were in Zone or Man based on when they could snap the ball
  • Addressed an issue with Cornerback Coach Adjustment being set to speed resulting in the Middle Linebacker being lined up at outside Cornerback
  • Fixed an issue with the frontside Defensive End being left unblocked when running Singleback: Bunch: Pitch WR Reverse vs Dime: 2-3-6
  • Fixed an issue with offensive users not having the ball spotted back 5 yards from the previous line of scrimmage after committing a False Start penalty on a two-point conversion
  • Addressed an issue where we were not getting the correct amount of broken stiff-arm tackles to trigger
  • Addressed some audio and general stability issues

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:
  • Fixed an issue where each and every star reward was awarded separately instead of combined
  • Fixed an issue where players could not import their normal lineup when creating a Salary Cap Lineup
  • Fixed an issue to help balance the amount of XP awarded for Solo Challenges
  • Implemented the 80/20 item view when comparing players from the Lineup Screen
  • Various UI improvements to increase legibility of text

Franchise Updates:

Face of the Franchise Updates:
  • General stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the Abilities Gift Wrapped, Wrecking Ball, and Brick Wall not unlocking for users
  • Fixed players appearing in generic white uniforms during some locker room sequences

Franchise Updates:
  • General stability improvements
  • Updated Salaries screen for the "Savings" and "Penalty" columns so they no longer require the user to scroll to the back of the list to view
  • Updated Relocation text for St. Louis and Oakland to clarify that users cannot change branding when selecting those cities: Choosing this city keeps existing branding, including uniforms, logo, and nickname. There are no re-brand options in this location.
  • Fixed an issue with generated draft class players not getting credit for Downs Played and revealing their development trait
  • Decreased the ratings boost for Wide Receivers that receive the Heisman winner draft storyline

The Yard Updates:
Added display of Madden Rep and Cred on The Yard main hub
  • Fixed an issue where an Avatar would not stand in the right spot after a teammate disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where an Avatar would display a generic name after the user who owns that avatar had disconnected from a game
  • Fixed an issue where after readying up, but before transitioning to the draft, in H2H events with a premade squad, users would often see the "Finding Teammate" animation overlaid upon their teammates and empty slots
  • General online stability improvements

Presentation Updates:
  • Bug fixes and Tuning for Audio Stadium SFX in San Francisco and Tampa Bay
  • Commentary tuning and color commentary content added for Ravens/Chiefs/Cowboys/Colts/Titans
  • Updated Helmet placement on multiple players who switched helmet styles

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  • You guys are moving in the right direction with the mouthpieces....we just need to be able to edit them on created players
    ..color etc...
  • When you’ll have another update from generic head to realistic one? I’m a giants fan and would like to play the team in franchise, but a lot of players have his generic head..it would be nice to update at least the starters of the teams, for example darius slayton, andrew thomas, xavier mckinney, oshane ximines, markus golden, lorenzo carter have generic heads. Waiting for the next update wishing at least this players and maybe others starters have the head update.

  • Madden 21 has become unplayable again after it updated. Constantly crashes on P.C. Origin.
  • It seems to me that the catching bug is back again!! The easiest passes, often in decisive moments, are dropped again and the QB's throw often very bad! All Madden is no fun! All Pro is too easy, winning every game with more than 20 points is no fun either! EA what is wrong with you?
  • I think EA needs to refund everyone. It has been over a month since it launched and the game still crashes and burns. Did EA lay off its entire QA team and now expects its paying customers to find and report all their critical bugs?
  • I understand it depends on the availability and willingness of the players, but do you guys have any idea when more rookie and veteran likeness will be added? Also, getting more generic heads in the game would prevent the staleness the same old faces in auto draft classes offer. I also believe it is imperative for commentators to say generic players names on offense, defense, and special teams. This would actually make them not seem so generic. I know the commentators say some generated players names, but it needs to happen much more, and if you edit a players name-even if it’s a basic name-the commentators will no longer say the players last name (i.e. Smith).

    I’m glad to see you guys making an effort. Keep up the good work. It’s nice to know that old school franchise players matter.

    You guys are good at what you do, but we’re the ones who play and evaluate the product... basically, we’ll help you make a great product, so please don’t ignore us and take our feedback seriously. It seems like you’re in the right direction now. Much thanks.
  • Are QB rushing stats and RB receiving stats ever going to be fixed? Its kinda annoying to see Lamar Jackson run for 100 yards and season and have Christian McCaffery catch 16 passes for 200 yards. Also captain patches on all team captains only have one star, despite many players having either gold ones, or ones with 2,3,4 stars. Please fix these things they are killing me!
  • When can we see an update for the aggressive catch or a tuning update for the wide receivers and tight ends? The reason why I ask is that a lot of times when playing with the wide receiver at the tight end trying to catch the ball either day look at it or they don't attempt to jump for the ball or they going to a dive animation when it an obvious jump ball situation.
  • Lets update the match making to online H2H games. Players should face similar teams in overall not a god squad every game. That is making the game less fun to play more and more. Skill level has nothing to do with wining anymore. Players stack their team and exploit glitches in the game to win, thats not fun and we need to change it. PLESAS FIX MATCH MAKING.....
  • My post is strictly about equipment and visual.

    Striped Sock Edits: This is one that I have been looking to see added to the game for some time now. It looks like you guys attempted to at least make a try in this department with the Browns home uniform. Can this also be applied to the Bears, Chiefs, etc. Maybe for future we can have a slider option where we can determine the length of each players sock.... some players wear a length in between low and standard.. i.e. Aaron Rodgers

    Shoe edits: Can we have the ability to edit shoe closers, or at least, have the ability to change show colors and use team colors. I think you could use the NBA2k model. The shoe color is on each player, not on the uniform option for team.

    Team Sleeve Updates:
    Tampa Bay Away should have White Sleeves, Home Reds should have Black sleeves

    Carolina Away Option should have black sleeves......look at their uniform options that they wore in 2019.

    In NCAA 14, you had Ankle Braces and Knee Braces, is it possible to have these put in Madden

    Towel Placement:
    We should have three places for towels..... Front, side, back

    Endzone Art Updates needed:

    1. Panthers
    2. Falcons
  • Again EA breaks the game with a title update. Please fix throws over the middle. Regardless of the type of throw, the ball sails high and the receivers (user or cpu controlled) don't play the ball. I've played in 3 different CFM leagues and the experience is the same. SMH, basic game play is all we want.

    Last year when we had the dc glitch issue at the beginning of the year EA/Madden had to shutdown all H2H play for a week so they could solve the issue.

    When there is an active DC glitch in mut with no counter, the game becomes really cumbersome for me to play. The game becomes No Fun and pointless to play if you get DC d with 0:00 left in the game and the score board has you winning 21-10!

    Hopefully Madden\EA will fix the issue soon or give us a counter so I can end my month long hold out of h2h play.

    If there is a counter to combat this glitch please let me know and I will venture back into h2h play. Please and Thank you from your friend D.
  • Can you please fix the 2/3 X factor max glitch that prevents you from activating an X factor on a player when you change abilities or positions in MUT?
  • Will the franchise patches in November come with qb rushing stats tuning or is it reasonable to expect that sooner?
  • All these ‘fixes’ yes the game keeps crashing randomly. Takes two to three tries just to finish one franchise game ...smh
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