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Throwing deep, auto int?



  • ericedub wrote: »
    The DB man coverage is ridiculous. I can't even get separation with my slot WR being covered by a linebacker. Cant throw deep, can't throw corner routes, out routes, or comeback routes in this game. Its all routes in the middle of the field slants, crossing routes, and post routes. The DB's make up so much ground with this last minute turbo speed burst smh.

    In tomorrow's update the team is making changes to Bench Press (no longer apply fatigue penalities to running plays; reduced overall amount of fatigue impact a receiver gets in man coverage)

    I'm not even talking about bench press I mean regular man coverage. I don't play MUT I play franchise mode. There is no separation only on slant plays and some crossing routes. Outside routes are unusable in this game something needs to be done asap. From Psychic DB's to super user and CB block shedding.

  • The inside guy could have been open but with Lott in the middle I choose to go to the outside guy & with the back to the qb he perfectly drifts over to him.

    Definitely not saying it’s an unnameable play but hard to understand how that play is made given what was animated[/quote]

    "So what happens if the Wrs was 6 foot 4 with a 90 jump"??? Because that's the problem I'm having.
  • I have 17 tds and 2 ints with Ryan Fitzpatrick on all pro default sliders. People with "stick skills" sometimes forget playcalliing is important too. You have to set up the deep passes and spread the ball around to different receivers. I don't play online so my experience could be completely different. But I believe the simulation mode of the game rewards good play calling over stick skills.
  • Coverage is terrible no matter how they try to fix patch and update it it's always a wacky animation that ruins the play you guy have defender with catching rating in the 50' snatching balls all over the field yet that same defender has no tackling or hit power knocks the ball out of a player who's catching is a 85 in traffic... change of direction has little to no use in the game.. I still hardly see any risk and reward in Madden most of the passes bullet touch or deep is int.... I just had a play where I was scrambling right getting chased by Myles garrett and he user lurk to jump in front of me and my TE for a int I watch Myles the guy is a freak but he's 2-4 from the QB at least 7-10 from where the te is & he makes a int "user lurking" not timing just slides in front of the Te making a vertical play..

    Let's deep dive:

    You have a defender making a vertical play moving horizontal rushing @ Z axis I've study and researched i seen the base of your game is terrible you guys made little to no improvements from 2016 to now sell great cuz it's the only NFL game on the market but far from the best sports game let be honest you guys have produced awful games from nhl to live players have been asking for the same improvements for 4 years I'm tired of coming on here reading the same messages from the Madden 2018 forums you guys should feel ashamed as a company that you continue capitalize on virtual trading cards and poor gameplay!!!
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