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The Franchise Rosters Are Terrible

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Here we go again. Yet another SIMPLE thing EA Sports can't get right. Here a question for everyone. How many video game companies are legally allowed to use NFL player's name and likeness in 2020. Those who said one are very right. ONE. One company. And this company despite making billions of dollars off of the NFL every year cannot get the rosters right on a "simulation" NFL game that only they can make. It takes any with an IQ higher than a gnat to find the exact up to date NFL rosters. Madden updates their rosters every Thursday. And every Thursday they mess them up.

I'm an Eagles fan so I'm just gonna list some missing or incorrect players and where they should be.

WR Greg Ward- Starting WR this week, in Madden he's on the browns practice squad
DE Casey Toohill- Active Roster
TE(Long Snapper) Rick Lovato- Active Roster, he is missing in the game
C Luke Juriga- Active Roster
WR Deontay Burnett- Active Roster
TE Hakeem Butler- Active Roster
CB Garyland Arnold- Active Roster
WR Travis Fulgham- Active Roster
DE Daeshon Hall- PUP/IR
CB Craig James- IR
DE Vinney Curry- IR
G Issac Seumalo- IR
G Nate Herbig- Starter since WEEK 1, in Madden he's on the practice squad
CB Trevor Williams- IR
LT Jason Peter- IR
QB Josh Mccown- Practice Squad
S Will Parks- IR
TE Dallas Godert- IR
Rudy Ford- Active Roster

FYI because I'm sure you devs didn't know this IR is shortened to 3 weeks instead of 7 with the new NFL rules.

These are just off the top of my head there are probably more and that's just the Eagles. It takes one google search...disgrace
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  • Isn't Hakeem Butler a wr
  • I hate that in play now the settings menu on the main menu when you go to edit rosters players are locked on the rosters because they are on IR it annoys the hell out of me I like to edit my rosters before i start franchise mode but this game doesn't allow that to happen they haven't in a long time I don't know why they lock players on IR it serves no purpose other then to annoy people like me... If they want to put people on IR fine just Give us the option to take them off IR... On our own custom rosters... NBA2K does it I don't know why it's an issue for madden...
  • It would be nice if they would fix the critical bugs that cause the game to crash and burn. they need to refund everyone or the NFL needs to look at allowing competition. Unless they like to be represented by failure.
  • Isn't Hakeem Butler a wr

    The Eagles moved him to TE
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