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New Playoff Format in Franchise Mode

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I know this was suppose to be in the game from day one according to the gridiron notes below. But can you update the playoff format screen to reflect a change you have added to the game. It shows six teams in the playoff picture instead of seven.

"Franchise has an expanded Wild Card Playoff round to match the real-life NFL which now features 3 games for each conference instead of 2."


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Do you see a third team put into the Wild Card spot if their record doesn't tie up with any other teams currently "in the hunt?"
  • I can keep playing to find out. But this window is shown to show who would be in the playoffs. One would assume if the playoffs ended on this current week it would pick one of those three teams that are in the hunt to be a wild card team. Similar to how it is showing the two teams in the NFC North (Lions at 7-4 and the Vikings are 7-4), one is a division leader and one is listed as a wild card. It should be the same for the third wild card team. One of those three teams owns the tie breaker.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Right there with you on that. I'm wondering if the system isn't able to determine the true 3rd team based off all the tiebreaking factors. We'll get this tracked though, but please keep me updated if a third wild card team doesn't show up in the 1st round of the playoffs.
  • aazcdjlbd8yh.png
    Sorry, it seems like every franchise year I have there is a tie in records so I haven't been able to share an image of the playoff format. However, I'm sure this is part of the trouble ticket that I have originally opened. I noticed that on the presentation screen for Wild Card weekend, only two games are shown and not the three that NFL has expanded to (Image attached.).
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    Is this going to get addressed as stated in your Gridiron notes from June? While seven teams are able to make the playoffs, as you can see by my other images in this thread there are only six teams being shown making the playoffs. Also only two games are being shown during wild card weekend and not three.
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