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Too many pass yards , no scrambling

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Last season there were multiple QBs who did not get over 3k yards passing. Yet on franchise , every single season , not a single (literally , no exaggeration) will be under 3k yards. Changing their overall or the linemen overall or the receivers overall has 0 effect on this. 100% of the time , not only will all starters go above 3k yards , but horrible QBs will often go over 4K and throw under 12 INTs. Also , everyone seems to play decent no matter their scheme , but only user QBs (or other positions) will ever break any records aside from MAYBE career passing yards. ALL other records will never be broken unless it is a user played game. Which is not only unrealistic but makes for no competition. I’m always the best team.

Also , the most rushes by a sim QB that I’ve seen has been ~50ish. Even if they have the option used prevalently in their playbook/scheme (run dominant). Which is annoying to me.

These were also issues in madden 20.


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