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Anyone feels like this update made the defense worst ?

Smh 🧐


  • Def did.
  • Yes defense is bad!!! There’s a glitch if your in cover1 and the offense audibles a play it resets your defense n your adjustments!!! This has been happening since the last patch/ updat!! They say this update was going to fix it but it didn’t!!
  • I’m having a issue where my players seem more slippery idk how to explain it but they seem to slide by other players and miss the sack or tackle .. also the cpu on punts has a glitch that makes the returning cpu team move away from the ball but in a glitchy way
  • The defenders are standing still while the ball is in the air now. This game needs to be stopped. Its time for a divorce. 2k5 gameplay is better than this in 2020.
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