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Salary Cap logic and customization fix needed

I addition to being able to disable the salary cap in franchise mode, we should also be allowed to edit the salary cap amount.

Also, it seems that when we disable the cap, the AI doesn’t take advantage of it. The AI should attempt to build super teams, as well.

The AI needs to take advantage of the options just as the user does. I get it may not be as good at it, but something simple as not abiding by a non-existing salary cap seems simple enough.


  • My Franchise wouldn't allow me to make a trade said I didn't have the cap space to complete. I had 7 millon in space! So I turned the Salary Cap off. (Remember this is a offline Franchise) When I tried to turn it back on it said I couldn't. I should of read the whole thing. But why does EA Need to control a offline Franchise?
  • I think it’s because once you turn it off, the caps can get out of wack, so if you turned it back on, there would be too many cap issues.

    I think the ability to adjust and customize the cap would be best, as long as the AI teams recognize and take advantage of it.
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