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More franchise mess ups

Playing Classic Franchise as a player, cause face of franchise is awful.
1. Can’t practice half the time. Practice fails to load and pauses and game has to be quit.
2. Super star developments for other players stopped. No players pop up for development after year two.

It doesn’t stop amazing me, how now only so you not make progress or anything good. But the game continues to regress. The only reason I continue to give this game another chance, is because I’d like to enjoy a football game. But this is awful


  • I Feel the same way. Wish EA had some competition because they have been on Auto-Pilot for a decade now...
  • The absolute worst and seems to be getting worst. So glad they fixed it for the next Gen, when the majority of people can’t get the system.
    I recently played a game where there were no sacks. Every time the defense touched QB there was a fumble. And it seems like a cheap way to try and make competition. But it removes any sense of reality and realism. If players fumbled the ball as much as these do, they would be benched and not playing.
    I recently listened to a 30 for 30 podcast about the making of Madden and apparently at one time they attempted realism. Those days are gone. It took till this update them to realize the playoff logo overlapped the positive play logo.
    Easily the worst video game of the 4 major sports. Bring back 2k
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