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Why CPU AI and Users AI dont play similar?

I get on the higher difficulties trying to make the game harder but I dont understand why they super power the CPU players for instance if say the CPU has a good pass rusher even bringing help to block etc he is going to wreck the game or some no name pass rusher will constantly get pressure which is fine I can adjust my gameplan accordingly. The part which I cant stand is the fact that your User AI teammates are completely nerfed. If I build a great front 4 they should be wrecking havoc on most bad Olines without me having to user a Dlineman but they dont they get stonewalled every game by o-lines like the Bengals and trash 60 something OTs completely stonewalling Khalil Mack or Danielle Hunter all game. Your 95 overall WR dropping clutch catches and their 68 overall rookie getting crushed and hanging on to catches as well as their defenders actually trying to reach tackle RBs on run plays and stuff the run. Most of the time your D lineman especially your DTs do nothing to stop the run up the middle. When is EA going to learn you cant User every position when you draft well and construct teams well you should be rewarded with AI defenders doing their job alot of the time, I shouldnt have to worry about bringing my LB down every run play because my 90 something run stuffing DT makes no attempt to stop a run right at him.


  • This is what is really wrong with Madden. Playing this game it feels like there are two different engines for CPU and User. Until they finally fix that this game will always be trash (sorry it's just true). And that will never be fixed because they "can't sell fixing gameplay issues" as Rex Dickson said.
  • Man I feel the same way. It makes no sense how trash the AI is for a user controlled team.
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