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Immersive created coach

I’ve posted about this but I was just told it was in the madden 17 game ideas section so I’ll repost the idea here.

It starts with a new philosophy for madden to allow users the skill level that fits the best, if they want.

You create a coach, & you then play a couple of games/drills to get grades on offense, defense & special teams as well as each position. These games/drills will be the baseline skill level they start at & also give the player a recommendation for which positions to control on which skill level.

At first in the most genuine experience the game starts you as a position coach for the hardest skill level at your best position & you work your way to coordinator & then head coach. With the idea that you’re proving yourself at your best position to move up the coaching ladder, but also expanding control to other players to become a better madden player with higher football iq.

In my mind this will become a base for the ability to have expanded coaching trees with coordinators/position coaches that affect the gameplay on the field & also how players are developed.

this new mode would be the starting point(as well as create a player) for madden & deliver a product to the people that helps them get the most out of the game by tailoring to their unique skills & tryng to match them with a difficulty setting that will challenge them but also try to help them get better


  • One idea to create the baseline for the coach is to play 4 games as your introduction. At 4 different levels of madden. Before each game you choose which position groups on offense & defense. Game 1: rookie- qb/mlb; pro- hb/olb; all-pro- wr-db; all madden- coach mode.
    Or any version of those 4 control options & difficulty settings.

    This will give them a unique created coach with positional skill grades every time they play, which adds repeatability to the idea of an immersive create a coach mode, which becomes the base way ea tailors the game to the user, by offering in-depth grades at different skill levels to refine the AI down to providing a better experience to everyone while also allowing for a better way of matchmaking online.
  • What’s a coach without a team? A part of this mode could be the implementation of a coaching carousel as you are allowed to be coordinators, which allow control over position groups. These will be the boosts you have later as a head coach. This continues to add depth to the mode by allowing the user control over the many different combinations capable each time you create a coach.

  • Create a team

    This used to be one of my favorite features & since it’s a mode that could be used in franchise & mut it makes sense.

    I heard before that the NFL was behind this but there could be workarounds to getting the people what this miss most, a dynasty mode.

    One idea I have could be starting a new fictitious league to feed into the nfl & one day become an nfl expansion team once enough $ & credibility has been established.

    The teams could be filled in with fictitious players & free agents (or maybe legacy select your players for your team like in old Madden’s).

    Here you can establish your teams style & focus (through selection or through an initial customization/difficulty suite) hire coaches to expand & customize a playbook with coordinators with a possibility for even adding position coaches, creating layers of depth for the different types of plays these coaches could add.

    Allow the gameplay playbook sub settings with right stick to be available in the menus to emulate the create a formation & plays from past Madden’s.

    The teams have to sound like real nfl teams & though it creates weird outcomes creating a uniform was always a cool option.

    This is a big goal for a game that went away from a dynasty like mode almost a decade ago, but in the end I think it’s what the people really want.
  • In all a full out return of a dynasty mode is what I’m looking for, & I think a lot of other people are looking for something like that too.

    Hierarchy of suggested changes:

    1)in depth create a coach with positional coaches, coordinators & a full functional coaching carousel we get to be a part of. Let the game dictate the best option for our created coach first & then let us override that option if we want.

    2) create a stadium. Pretty self explanatory but with the new tech I feel like this can return & become a huge part of the game.

    3) create a team. While this is probably the biggest feature for a dynasty it’s also the most daunting to pull off so it’s relegated to the last on my wishlist.
  • Coaching carousel:

    To reiterate a point to add more depth allow the addition positional coaches & coordinators to compile individual playbooks for every player.

    Want to add an insane amount of depth? Allow these playbooks to be connected to our accounts to be used not only cross platform but also cross game modes.

    How does this work with our created coaches? As positional coach we add in plays for our position, & as we progress to HC we add plays through our coordinators & position coaches.

    This way each player is developing their own unique playbook based on who they add to their coaching staff, which adds depth to the game by extending playability
  • I think scenarios for coaching jobs would be awesome too. Maybe there’s a scenario where you become a HC or even a Coordinator in the middle of the season & it gives you a chance to audition for the job for this team & others.

    Or maybe you’re a coordinator getting poached during the playoffs.

    Any way a robust coaching management screen with full coaching trees that add to the depth of the game through positional multipliers & playbook additions would be huge!
  • I'll reiterate this point from a previous post because i think it's important for an immersive create-a-coach.


    Now this post isn't about the creation of playbooks through all of the coaches as well as our progression from positional coach to HC, but about the creation of "new" formations.

    Different playbooks are what give different teams their identity, and as a HC in the NFL you'll have a different playbook than other coaches, sans coaches from the same "tree" as you.

    What sets apart most teams is their formations, and as of now you can adjust formation subs in-game, but to add more depth a playbook creation, create a formation adjuster that emulates these in-game subs in the franchise menu interface, to enable us to create fresh, new formations.

    Now this isn't the formation creator of old, but a new way to adjust formations and get the players you want into the position you want. To create plays from these new formations allow us to choose run or pass, blocking scheme and route combos.

    To cut down on cheese maybe they're only pre-set route combos, or maybe the route combos cost a number of points and there's a limited number of points that you can use per play, or maybe even per playbook.

    Note: to get this to work there are some bugs around man coverage and run defense fits that would need to be adjusted.

    Note #2: This playbook creation emulator has offense in mind, but some of the same tools can be adjusted to use for defensive playbook adjustments. Now these would have to be careful as it'd be easy to cheese Madden AI, which in my opinion doesn't take strength into account when putting a safety in the box as a sub LB or putting an 34 OLB or an undersized 43 DE as a DT, but I think a simple rule for allowing which players can go where would fix this, as the same rule would be needed for offense and the RB slot.
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