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Lag switching is out of freaking control.

I play on PS4 and play Ultimate Team Head to Head only. I actually can't believe that I'm taking the time to even post this, but at this point, it's more fun than playing your game. Over the past 2 weeks, I've played hours and hours, daily, just to see how the bad the lag switching (cheating) problem exists. It's way worse than I thought. Couple of points:

1. I've never had to reboot a game even close to the amount of time I've had to reboot Madden. If I sit for 3-4 hours, I easily have to reboot the game 5 or 6 times. It's literally now just part of playing the game. For reference, I can play COD for hours on end and never have to reboot it 1 time...like ever.

2. Why is it that YOU have a huge problem with cheating (lag switches) yet your "answer" to that is to have me stop what I'm doing, log on to your website, click here, click there, get the username, timezone, etc... and have me report EACH INDIVIDUAL USER?!?!? What? I'd be reporting people for hours if I did that? Are you going to take down each person one by one. That's just a ridiculous approach. To be clear, I'm NOT talking about just the general lag that exists at least 50-60% of the time where it messes up your kicking, menus are a total pain. I'm talking about something negative happening to the other team and then they hit their lag switch and give me the loss. Nice way to tackle the problem.

3. Why do I get the loss when the other person hits their switch and quits the game? Why? This completely baffles me.

4. This is the worst part. I've actually paid money to upgrade my team and then EA just allows the user on the other end to decide that they want to win and want me to lose and then they simply flip their lag switch and BOOM, they win, I lose. So you take my money and allow the person on the other end to literally control my game experience. The fact that this has clearly been an issue FOR YEARS just shows how much EA doesn't care. I'll never pay to upgrade again, because why would I? It doesn't matter because the TONS of users that use a lag switch can just flip the switch and then it's just too bad for me.

For the record, I have 500 mbps fiber internet. It's just about as fast as you can get. At this point, I think I'd have more fun if I just built a lag switch myself. I mean, why not? I can take some pleasure in ruining the experience for others and get win after win and just stockpile coins.


  • I have the same problems, start banning cheaters
  • I did not post the above.
  • Sorry, my bad, I did post the above. I forgot I had posted it. I'm such a poophead
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    I'm concerned with the amount of times you're repeatedly seeing this behavior it's connectivity related which we can actually fix.

    Have you tried rebooting the network and console lately? Although your connection is fast, it might be packet loss being experienced which a power cycle could correct. Establish a fresh connection to our servers can help work out hiccups like what you're seeing.

    Reboot the power to the modem/router
    1. Unplug the power cable from your modem/router for 5-10 minutes to refresh the network.
    How to power cycle your PS4 console
    1. Touch the power button on the front of the PS4 for at least 7 seconds (until the system beeps twice).
    2. Turn it back on after 1 minute. Launch the game.

  • Such a typical canned response. Thanks for nothing.

    Yes, I've rebooted my router and PS4 multiple times thinking it would help. It's not me. YOU HAVE A HUGE LAG SWITCH CHEATING PROBLEM. It's not me. How can you leave such a gaping hole that allows a competitor to control the game and worse yet, give ME a loss because they want to quit. Figure out your problem and stop giving people these bull$h!t things to try. "Oh, did you reboot?" It's so obvious that they're using a lag switch. Everything is working PERFECTLY and then boom, something bad happens to them and then it goes, and poof, I get the message that something is wrong with my connection and I lose. It's the cheaters. Why can't you address the problem. It's freaking huge. At night, I literally stopped playing your game. I can't tell you how many times I've made the first game of the playoffs, score a TD, and then boom...there's the lag switch and I lose. Your online gameplay is just horrible.
  • For the record, I have 500 mbps fiber internet. It's just about as fast as you can get.

    as a player, I can well understand your anger, @burritojoe_p6qe. I had 29 DNFs in MUT Solo Battles and quite a lot H2H losses due to lost connection last year (Madden 20). I know how much that can frustrate when you feel like you do nothing wrong but can't do anything against being screwed (at least it feels like getting screwed). however, I would like to point out that a fast internet connection does not necessarily mean that it is stable.

    in my attempts to track down my problem last year, I have also spoken to my internet provider several times. I had a very unstable connection last year. I have changed my modem twice and still the technician of my internet provider told me that data packets were lost very regularly. since I have a hybrid modem solution (i.e. wireless combined with hardwire) and also changed the cable connection between my device and the modem, my connection has become very stable. since then I have only very rarely lost connection to the EA servers.

    I do not want to say that there isn't a problem with cheaters but I can't say anything about that. I just know that last year I thought I was constantly being ripped off and cheated out of my rewards. but now I know that the problem was also at least partly due to the stability of my internet connection.

    since I hope that the world is not only full of cheaters, I also hope that a solution can be found for your problem. Maybe it would help to check the stability of your internet connection. I was lucky to get a very capable technician on one of my calls....

    Anyways, good luck!
  • Neo_Novalis. Thanks for the information.

    I would totally agree with you if it gave the appearance of being randomly disconnected. To be clear, over 2 weeks I've probably played 2 times a day for at least 3-4 hours each time because I wanted to see if it was just a perception thing or if I was really getting disconnected by the opponent. I've played tons of games over that timeframe and have had many that went perfectly fine outside of some slight, occasional lag during peak times (holidays and weekend evenings).

    To give context, if I've played 200 games over that 2 week timeframe, I'll go 100-100. Obviously with the hundred wins, I had no issues. However if someone actually looked at my losses, it would be so easy to see that I'm getting lag switched in probably 60%-70% of them. That's WAY too much. Every time I get lag switched I'm leading....every....single....time. Every time I get lag switched, it's after a good play for me and a bad one for the opponent. Heck, people will hit the lag switch right after the game shows my 3 player cards at the beginning of the game. I'm not saying or implying that it happens all the time, however I am saying that it happens way too much to not be addressed. Look, if I was getting disconnected at totally random times, I'd agree with you. This is NOT the case. I'd say that at least 90% of the time I get disconnected, it's after a big play for me. It's so obvious. It's a huge problem that's not acknowledged.
  • Yeah, must be me. Just played another game 14-6 (I was leading). No issues whatsoever in the game then when it got under 2 minutes and I just completed a game-icing first down. Next play, QB drops back and back and back because I can't control him. Then I can't get through the menu. Then at the start of the very next play...there it goes his network connection, then mine, then I get the loss. Yeah, totally a data packet thing. The cheating is rampant.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    We'll send your concerns over to the team. When you say you're experiencing this 60-70% of the time, it's tough to believe it's happening that much. This is the only post I've seen on lag switching in months, maybe even over half a year. If you're open to troubleshoot connectivity feel free to send me your UO Trace results to me in a direct message (posting them publicly is fine, but your IP address will show so you may want to black out the first couple lines). It's a free program from our Help site which shows how your connection is reaching our servers. There's been cases in the past where the connection is being hung up somewhere along the way to our servers, so it has nothing to do with your connection but a server site that was damaged, so that's when the ISP needs to be alerted.

    The test takes about 5 minutes, totally worth going through to see if we can remove the hours of frustration you're getting in our game.

    It's located below if you're interested. It has to be done from a PC/laptop. If you play on WiFi, it's best to do the test from WiFi to mimic your connection results and within the same room of your console.

    Connection Troubleshooting: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/connection-troubleshooting-basic/
  • @PeterJGiambalvo I fully agree that the pattern you describe seems very clear. but the following quote prompted me to speak up again.
    No issues whatsoever in the game then when it got under 2 minutes and I just completed a game-icing first down. Next play, QB drops back and back and back because I can't control him. Then at the start of the very next play...there it goes his network connection, then mine, then I get the loss. Yeah, totally a data packet thing. The cheating is rampant.

    this pattern is exactly what i experienced very often last year. first the game indicated lost connection from my opponent, then from me, then his again (maybe multiple time), and at the end I got the loss. and I also experienced this pattern most often when I was winning. and it happened very rarely that I got a win due to disconnects ... very frustrating!

    but: I do not remember a single case like this after I 'repaired' my connection. what I would conclude from that experience is that I guess the game has a mechanism in place that tries to reconnect when the connection is briefly lost. probably both players are pinged in the process. after data packets were regularly lost on my connection, this mechanism must then have concluded that I lost the connection while my opponent's ping probably went through, which is why I appeared to be the culprit.

    I have no idea whether this is true or not, but for me it would explain the pattern I have observed last year and how (or why) it is completely different this year.

  • @EA_Blueberry thank you for responding. To be clear, it's not 60-70% of the time that it happens. What I had said was if I play 200 games, I'll go 100-100. My 100 wins is fine, but if you looked at the 100 losses, it's WAY MORE than 50% of those losses where I'm getting lag switched. I've also noticed that this isn't nearly as much of an issue during the morning and early afternoon. While it does happen occasionally, I actually can't complain at all when playing in the morning. However, I no longer play the game after about 6pm CT. I can barely play a game in the evening without getting lag switched. Going to try the trace that you recommended. Thank you
  • @EA_Blueberry I've run the trace. How do I send you a direct message?
  • @EA_Blueberry I've run the trace. How do I send you a direct message?

    you can send messages when clicking on the envelope in the upper left corner on this page (next to your profile name, see attached pic)

  • what's really weird is that it's always just you. obviously EA conspired against you and spared everyone else. or all the other players conspired against you and that's why they all don't report that their opponents are cheating all the time. no matter which of the two reasons is true, you have every right to go after those who want to help you completely uninhibited.
  • I don't know what a "lag-switch" is ... but I do know that in h2h & weekend league about 20% or so of my losses are to players that disconnect right before the game starts. Or, when they think they're going to lose. They quit. But somehow I take an L.

    It's insane.
  • At least EA done away with initial kick-off in online matches. That solved some of the issue.

    However, they're are still countless players out there who rage-quit & somehow do the "DC-Glitch" thing during the game. Gives me an L every time.
  • my personal experience is that I got losses from time to time although it was clear that my opponent just had quit the game. my internet connection was not stable at that time (maybe it is still not completely stable but it improved a lot). since I had this issue very often before I improved the stability of my internet connection (after consulting one of the technicians of my service provider) and it became much better now, I'd guess that these losses where the result of the mechanism in place when the game ends before the 'official' end of the game. if the connection is lost, the game seems to ping both players and if it was able to contact my opponent but not me (because my connection lost too many packets) the game assumed that it was me who conceded the game. this is very frustrating and unfortunate but from my perspective it has nothing to do with cheating.

    I'd assume this pattern still happens to me although my internet connection became quite stable in general. but I'm European and the signal has to go through a lot of knots to reach EA's servers in California. it isn't unlikely that there are packets lost on its way. well, still very frustrating!

    but one remark I would like to emphasize: a fast internet connection does not necessarily mean that it is stable!
  • Sounds like the Cain and Able exploit. Its been done to me. Because EA uses a peer to peer connection the C&A program can be used to bombard your connection with data packets to cause your network to lag out. I wish EA would fix this.
  • I got disconnected twice yesterday trying to play weekend league and both games I was up big on my opponent. Doesn’t make any sense but what can you do shrug 🤷🏾‍♂️ smh.
  • I play people regularly who are in the top 1,000 and this happens literally like every other game. People actually admit that they do it and they don't care because they know that neither EA nor Sony will do anything about it. What's frustrating is that Sony or EA could fix this problem relatively easily by monitoring network throughput for their active users. For those users who lag, the through put would fluctuate often and be easy to trace if they put the results to a log file. A few days worth of programming would solve countless thousands of headaches for Madden users and make the system fair to use again. This isn't a make-believe problem. It's pretty obvious by the timing when the lagging occurs during the game that it's being done intentionally by someone on the other end who needs to gain an advantage in the game. You can even go on eBay and see lag switches for sale for those who feel they need to cheat. I don't understand why anyone would bother playing if they need to cheat to stay in the game, but I guess some people are that thirsty for a "win" lol - SAD.. I really hope that somebody at EA reads this and forwards it to upper management. If you need help with the fix, please let me know and I have programmers who can have a concrete solution for you within a month.
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