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Wish list for 22 presentation for madden

Hey I just want to say I understand where the madden team is coming form work on the both games with COVID-19. Hopefully you guys can have more time and resources with next years game. Presentation and immersion are a big one for us franchise players, so we can feel like we are actually playing with are teams on game day!!

1. Add another commentary team so we can hear different voices throughout the season.
2. Pregame and post game coverage, talk about the match ups, status, Strengths and weakness’s of the teams. Maybe a slide line reporter to tell us about injuries, players statements and ect. And full team introductions.
3. A big improvement on the sidelines but it be a nicer touch if they had more emotion through the game!!
4. Referees and the chain gained refs, I want to feel the drama of did I make the first down or seeing flags thrown on the play.
5. Broadcast system, with replays and graphics and more studio Cut scenes
I hope you guys can add this into the game so we can feel like a real NFL game and thanks for making these games and working hard!!


  • I hope they change the halftime to mostly highlights of the game & possibly even break down how the match up pregame is going.

    Then move all the highlights to a menu user interface as a show like the old radio show used to be
  • The commentary needs to be totally redone !!! Just a few of the
    STUPID mistakes----currently have a team that is 8-1, having lost the season opener and the brilliant commentator tells me this team is on a three game winning streak ??? Kick a field goal to take the lead at 38-35 or many other scores and the brilliant commentary is "it's good the score is 3-0 ???? Or Davis's constant comments about 'they tried to give him the ball on the last play---------this time they got it to him in a different way WHEN the guy wasn't even in the game on the last play or his inane comment (paraphrased) he had a great run on the last play and now a catch on this play that's why you work so hard when the guy was NOT involved in the last two plays. Or Gauden's great playoff line "Winner go home " ???? I can spend 20 pages with this garbage but it is a total turn off in the game !!! It's like they are not watching the same game that's being played !!!! Have owned every Madden since the first one and although the early ones had no commentary at all----they actually had better commentary by not having ANY !!!!
  • Commentary needs to have a name data bank for created and edited draft classes that they will say in the game for both offense and defense!
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