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Gridiron Notes: Franchise Updates Coming to Madden 21 & 22



  • @EA_Blueberry i tried submitting a bug but none of the options fit what im experiencing so i figured i would try here. Im in a league that does roster carry over from previous maddens and I am having issues with the attributes screen. When i go down the list and edit all of the players ratings from M20 into my M21 franchise random attributes will not take the first time. Example, i have a guard that has 80 awareness but the guy i am building him over has 72 awareness. I go to edit him and move his awareness to 80 and it stays on 80, but when i back out and go back in his awareness reverts to the 72 it was previously. I have noticed this on multiple players and multiple positions but also it is random. Sometimes its awareness or strength, some times its zone coverage or man. Sometimes its blocking. It seems to only have these issues that are important to the specific position. So the zone becomes an issue when editing defensive backs, blocking on tight ends and linemen, etc. This was not an issue last year and i figure not many people are doing this so its probably not even known to be a problem at all.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Updating thread that the first round of major Franchise updates are already live.

    Find out what was added in November's title update here.

    The next round of Franchise additions are scheduled for mid-January.
  • They should add the Longsnapper position in the depth chart and in the draft.
  • I think it'd be cool to save new uniform designs, whether it's entirely new designs or just different combos.
  • GusVen10
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    I've been playing Madden since the late 90's, doesn't make me an expert by any means, I have no idea the work that the dev teams do to update franchise, but it doesn't go unnoticed by me that the response this year is a good step for Madden... The quality of Madden is severely degraded due to MUT, but I hope that with this recognition of below par games is a step in the right direction.

    My franchise updates for Madden 22...

    Formation Subs: This is tied to coach schemes, so if you use a custom playbook in franchise, you can't make formation subs to that specific customized playbook. Get rid of that coach scheme tie-in to formation sub and tie it into the playbook you are using.

    Formation Subs #2: Also, the formations subs are reversed in the franchise menu compared to the in gameplay menu. For example; on defense, Dime formation, the boundary corners are displayed as slot corners in the franchise menu. That needs to be corrected, because before you enter a game if you replaced the slot corners you in fact changed the boundary corners. That needs an update to be corrected.

    Formation Subs #3: Please add the kickoff and kick return formations to formation subs, we need to be able to edit the players on the kickoff and kick return units. This is true in the NFL should be true in Madden.

    Defensive alignment: Too many formations are causing LB's to be matched up WR's when in man coverage. The Saints have different formations that move Michael Thomas around and if you have called Man to Man defense your LB will be lined up on MT13 instead of the CB. I can understand if "confusion" happens in a hurry up situation but coming out of the huddle CB's are lining up on WR's. Please fix this, because this is an exploit in the game.

    Sub in/Sub out: This feature is completely broken, or needs to be explained better for it to work, NFL teams rotate DLINES and RB's, this feature needs to be updated completely so you can rotate accurately. I've tried all sorts of iterations on the current sub in/sub out menu and rotations do not work.

    Positions: Defensive line ups and positions need to be updated to the modern NFL defenses. Von Miller is a EDGE who on a grand majority of his snaps is rushing, on rare occasions does he drop back to defend man to man or in zone, it's not what he does, not to say he can't, but his position is EDGE. 3-4 defense is different than 4-3 so positions such as DE/OLB aren't the same. OLB in a 4-3 are actually WLB or SLB vs the 3-4 which are EDGE players.

    Postions #2: Please add the Long Snapper position, stop making long snappers 50 overall TE's. Also Holders are punters, very rarely are backup QB's used for holding on special teams. I understand that Madden uses backup QB's so that they can run fake FG's but, that just means punters need to have realistic throwing statistics rather than just having 20 throw power and 15 throw accuracy. Sure they aren't Aaron Rodgers but they aren't pee-wee players either.

    Playbooks: These need to updated, I understand that you have the "Live playbook" options but prime example, the Dolphins playbook reflects nothing in which they do, the Dolphins run an RPO style offense with Tua, but there aren't any pistol formations in the Dolphins playbook, even with the current updates and live playbooks that are available.

    Playbooks #2: Defensive playbooks have been the same since Madden 12, there are defenses that teams run that aren't in Madden, the amoeba (no linemen all LB's and DB's) defenses that the Patriots run, not in Madden, they've been running it for 10+ years.

    Playbook Creation: Specify the number of WR's RB's TE's in a formation, right now you have the name of the formation but unless we have every formation memorized, we can't tell the personnel that are involved in that formation, so we can have an idea of what personnel are involved in that formation and if we want to add those plays to the formation.

    Defensive gameplay: As of today January 15th, 2021 there has been one update to AI defensive game play, specifically in zone plays. While there has been improvement in the intelligence of the AI there are still too many exploits. Example, defense is running cover 4, DB's are covering deep quarters and LB's have the hook curls, it easy for an offense to run 4 verticals and have a TE/HB curl in between the two LB's because the LB's even though their responsibility is the underneath throws, they are chasing the verticals and leaving the TE/HB on a dump off specifically a curl just wide open in the middle of the field, LB's need to react to those underneath routes instead of just leaving the dump offs wide open.

    Defensive gameplay #2: Zone coverage continued, if you are in zone, players are sticking to those zones even if there aren't any WR's near the area. For example on a boot by the offense where the entire offense is flooding one side of the field, half the defense remains sitting just watching as the entire offense moves to one side of the field and they don't react, AI needs to start shading to the side that the offense is rolling to especially in flood concepts and boot concepts.

    Defensive gameplay #3: Zone coverage again, now the other extreme. I can call a cover 3, but my CB will play man on a WR. Too many times offenses can run a Post route with the WR and have a TE/RB come wide open for a 50 yard pass on a wheel route because the CB vacated his zone just running with the WR as if the defensive play call was man to man. Overall the AI football intellect needs to be revamped and increased.

    Offensive gameplay: WR's need to block on run/pass plays, they will initially block the CB, but will not continue to block on a safety or another player if the RB breaks a run, they just stand down field watching everything unfold, same goes for a pass play, I can throw a pass to one receiver and begin running towards another WR to get a block to spring a TD run, but the WR/TE just stand there watching. Players would get cut for that in the NFL.

    Offensive gameplay #2: (I know this won't happen, but) OLINE/DLINE interaction needs to be completely new, like throw everything you have now away and start new, the OLINE when pulling are just slow as molasses and it makes it impossible to run a play with a pulling OLINE. Awareness needs to be increased or something needs to be done, when you have an overloaded DLINE blitzing from one side, too many times are players that could be blocked running free because the OLINE even if you tell them to slide left or right have no idea what they are doing.

    Gameplay: Stop the cut-scenes when running a hurry up offense, and then create a time run-off that seems random at times. Go back to the actual players running up to the line and lining up, creates too much of a disadvantage for the team in the hurry up in late game situations.

    A.I. Intellect: Speaking of hurry up, the AI has no idea when to call a timeout, when to spike the ball, what plays to call, too many times they just dump the ball in the middle of the field and run out their own clock with three timeouts in the game, and its just a one possession game, they never use their timeouts. They don't call plays to the sidelines, to try and advance the ball.

    A.I. intellect #2: Fumbles, a QB can get sacked and fumble the ball, and absolutely no one reacts other than the two players that were in the play, the OLINE that gave up the sack just looks at the ball as if it were a UFO, the RB that is standing next to the QB just looks at the ball, WR's that ran a curl route and are now facing the QB and saw him fumble just stand there, come one now...

    Game engine: Please change to a physics based engine such as true motion, or any other physics based engine. I know that is a very complex request, but these animation based gameplay are ruining this game, too many times canned animations kick in when realistically the tackle would not happen. For example Derrick Henry isn't being hit sticked by a 185 pound CB, or a 200 pound RB isn't trucking through a 300 pound DLINE.

    Game engine #2: If canned animations will be the future of this game, why not play a football game with 22 players on the field with motion capture equipment on, so that you can record actual collisions and realistic gameplay... I know this is done at a smaller scale to record catches and what not, but this would imo create a more realistic game. (I understand this may be very unrealistic of a request). But there needs to be changes to these canned animations, either by revamping or by replacing the game engine.

    There is a ton more, that needs to be done to this game (trading in franchise mode, even with the update, the system is very limited, i.e. only able to trade 3 assets) but these were some of the major points I think that need to be addressed.

    I know this is a very long and exhausting post, but its been a long time and a lot of frustrations with this game that I felt I needed to write.
  • Long-time Franchise mode player, but after Franchise mode has remained the same for several years now, I passed on buying this year's edition. I've been actively following the updates you guys have been making, and it seems like you're earnestly working on fixing Franchise mode. I may end up buying this year's edition after the last update, but am definitely looking forward to Madden 2022.

    If I may chime in on with some input:

    NBA2k has a badge system that really differentiates players and Madden used to have it in Madden 08 (the Weapons system). If you want, you can probably expand the pre-existing X-Factor system. Archetypes are fine and dandy and all, but there needs to be more differentiation with our players. Really open up the system to encompass a variety of different abilities.

    I don't know what algorithms you guys have to determine CPU logic... I imagine it must be complex with 32 teams of 53 players. But I'm going to guess it the game assigns a numerical value on each player. There's already a little bit of existing nuance with archetypes/schemes, so that teams will rate certain players higher. I.E., Kyle Shanahan's WCO Zone scheme would value Route-Running WRs more.

    I think that's a good start, but I think there just needs to be more. Firstly, when scouting outside of their current roster, teams should have a bit of "Fog of War". The longer a player has been in the league, the better a team's Scouting Department is... then the player's rating should be more accurate.

    Secondly, in addition to the rating that teams have on a player, they should also factor in prior performance. If 2012 Alex Smith's ratings was in the high 70s, low 80s, and he was a free agent, there's a possibility he doesn't get signed... yet we know he's at least a decent starting QB. I've had a year where I (was on Rookie mode) and ran for 2500 yards with a 27-year old 75 OVR running back, won the MVP, released him to Free Agency for whatever reason, and he went unsigned In real life, teams would all look into a player that just broke the single season rushing record and won the MVP as a running back.

    Thirdly, if you expand the X-Factor System, you can really look at the Madden 2008 Weapons system. They had roles for things like "Mentor" or "Franchise QB" or "Icon". Having a player designated as "Franchise QB" would probably help with some of the issues with QB Drafting logic. It would also make certain players more valuable. If I had the choice between a random 70 OVR QB and a 70 OVR QB Alex Smith with a Player Role of "Mentor", that, say, gives a small progression bonus to young QBs... Alex Smith will be more valuable.

    I think the current system is okay, but you can really expand what's currently there. I think there are a number of external factors that should be considered in player progression---
    (1) Having yearly continuity should help in a scheme and/or with a position coach should affect player's progression. Peyton Manning had the benefit of Tom Moore as his OC the entire time he was with the Colts. Alex Smith had a new offensive coordinator every year until Harbaugh came along.

    (2) I hope the Coaching and Staff Management that you plan to implement will have more than just HC, OC, and DC, and that each coach has different ratings for how well they develop players.

    (3) Player Morale and Team Chemistry should affect a player's progression. I keep bringing up Alex Smith, but his career is a fascinating case study to learn from. He was thrown under the bus by Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary and booed by the fans and floundered. Yet, he succeeded when he was under Jim Harbaugh and he had a coach that publicly praised him.

    I actually like the current system to get into the Hall of Fame. But I just think that the legacy points need to be rebalanced. It was very easy to get offensive players and pass-rushers into the Hall of Fame, because those stats are easy to generate. But I could never get defensive backs in. CBs and S's getting into the Pro Bowl each year was random and INTs aren't really a stat you can rack up.

    One way to really help us get into the season and interested in what's happening in our franchise is to display stats and interesting stories. If at the beginning of the 2022 season, the Jets are 3-0, that can be something to display on-screen. If a superstar player is lost for the year, that's something to display onscreen. If it's Week 12, and Derrick Henry is on pace to break the rushing record, let's see that pop up on screen and let's track it every week.

    I know all the CPU games are simulated, but what if Madden just generated spectacular plays for other games in key moments? What if an amazing play happened in our game and we could somehow flag it as a great play and rate it and provide a brief description? These amazing plays can be shown in halftime highlights. What if at year-end, we can watch the highest rated plays over the year and we can vote on the best ones? What if these great plays were added in a library to Greatest Plays in NFL History, like "The Catch"? What if a great play added Legacy Points for the Hall of Fame system? What if we looked at a Player's Player Card and there was a link to it?

    Can you imagine looking at Nick Roles' Player Card and there was a Memorable Plays section, and you scroll down and see "Philly Special" and you can watch an instant replay of the play? That would be cool.
  • Please allow custom rosters for online play! Bring Classic Teams with full edits and ability to put in season play. Madden needs better passing/ catching mechanics, A TRUE PHYSICS ENGINE!
  • Allow rosters transfers system to system PS4 to PS5!
  • @EA_Blueberry

    I really wish in the next patch update they make it so commissioners can reset player injuries in Online CFM.

  • I just want full control of my Franchise. I would love to pick my own awards. To many years I see a guys win MVP when someone else deserves it more. Also I would love to draft for the CPU, I feel it would make franchise more competitive. Being able to set Depth charts for CPU teams would be a great thing. I hate seeing a rookie running back 79 overall, sitting behind a 80 overall running back that is 36 years old! Another thing that is just killing this game is the animation play. Ratings DO NOT matter in this game. everyone's block shedding should be 100, you run through a hole with your running back and anyone engaged in a block makes the tackle?.?.? Makes no sense. Seeing a miss match with a receiver on a line backer and run a fly route. Just to have him run with the receiver step for step. Beating a cornerback deep only to have him jump 10 feet in the air to intercept a ball. I play in online leagues and the reason you see so many people run one or two plays is because the game is broke. You have to find ways to exploit it, there is no use in having 200 plays in a play book when you cant run 195 of them.

    I do agree with everyone else, the presentation is seriously lacking. We need a better draft presentation, We need a better Hall of Fame presentation, We need a better Super bowl presentation, WE need a better AFC/NFC Championship game presentation.

    Way to much to type. You guys know what we want, just put it in the game..... pretty please!
  • Bring back the Madden 2002 element, where players helmets would get knocked off after big hits!! 💥
  • Create a team please - its there you know how to do it.
  • SirCarlos76
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    You promised the following thing about relocation:

    MORE CONTENT - Examples: Relocation/Branding Assets for Franchise - New uniforms, names, and logos to relocation options for more variety and depth in deeper careers.

    Will this content be available in Madden 22? That would be great.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Updating the thread with Gridiron Notes for both Franchise and Face of the Franchise.

    Join the discussion threads on them below:
  • In Madden 22 franchise if a player is in your focus training slot and he gets hurt, you lose that training slot. It becomes locked. Can this be addressed. Thanks!
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